Commuters lash out at SMRT for remaining conspicuously silent about latest train service disruption


For the third time in five days, commuters have again experienced a delay in train services today as a train fault in In Toa Payoh caused services on the North-South Line to be disrupted.

While news of the delay was broadcast in stations, SMRT failed to notify commuters on their social media accounts, yet again. This means that commuters only found out that they will be delayed during their morning commute

At 7:32 this morning, one netizen posted that arrival time after Yishun going towards Marina South Pier would be delayed by 15-20 minutes, but a few minutes later, at 7:54, yet another netizen speculated that, because of overcrowding, delays would take more than 10 minutes.

Commuters have already lashed out at SMRT for failing to announce disruptions to train services on their Facebook and Twitter accounts for delays last Thursday, 9 November, when commuters had to wait as long as half an hour for their trains.

The transport operator also failed to announce disruptions to train services on 6 November, 24 October and 19 September.

SMRT has yet to comment on today’s train disruption.

Needless to say, netizens are getting more and more tired of the frequent train delays and SMRT’s conspicuous silence over the matter on social media:

One commuter went so far as to beg the Prime Minister to do something about the problem:


  1. I said before. If we can blame in the staff, it’s one thing. But I wonder if KBW has tabulated the number of breakdowns since he took over Nd before he took over. Really suggest he pray, meditate and call for supernatural omnipotent intervention. It’s beyond simple control and command the way he has done at MOH.

  2. What does it take for the govt to really do something to solve this national crisis apart from justifying, shifting blames, rationalizing that disruption is not as bad, self-appraisal of a job well done or simply remain silent. Does the govt not understand that peoples lives are affected.
    The govt is simply too cocky to think that Singaporeans will continue to vote for them regardless. Its time to vote bad incompetent millionaire ministers out and hold them accountable to Singaporeans!