Commuters Greet Train Collision with Frustration, Blame, Derision


A collision was reported at 8am this morning, 15 November, when a stationary train was hit by an SMRT train at the Joo Koon MRT station.

According to Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), injured passengers, numbering at least 23, were brought to Ng Teng Fong Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.

Commuters reported on social media that passengers on the moving train fell down when the collision occurred.

Trains were delayed on the East-West Line as a result of the collision.

With obvious frustration at numerous recent train delays, floods, announcements of shorter operating hours for certain train lines, and train, track and signal faults, derisive comments from netizens on social media immediately flew fast and furious, putting much of the blame on Khaw Boon Wan, Singapore’s Minister for Transport and Desmond Kuek, the Chief Executive Officer of SMRT

Another netizen joked that perhaps Khaw Boon Wan has gotten too old for his job

Yet another wondered if there is a “systematic plan to sabotage the MRT system”

Others expressed frustration that those in charge refuse to accept responsibility, but have been blaming the ground crew for SMRT’s spate of problems


  1. Lots of problems with the green color code East-West train! Now, the hdb price along EW line will plunge! For those PR buying resale flats, please choose the yellow purple lines, North-East, Circle line and downtown line
    Both the red and green, NORTH-SOUTH and EAST-WEST LINES add together are older than the white
    Hong Kong population is more congested than Singapore, yet their standards are better than Singapore because they did not open the floodgates to get cheap labour and their citizens are well paid

  2. I reckon the rail network is beleaguered with a whole host of problems from zero maintenance to poorly sourced materials to saboteurs that were laid off and those that were annihilated in one way or another. The incompetent previous and current Minister Muppets including the many fumbling CEOs are the idiots that haven’t an effin clue how to operate a basic transportation service.