Commuters caught in Downtown Line disruptions slam SBS Transit for misleading announcements


Service disruptions abounded on the Downtown Line for most of the day today. If that’s not enough, disgruntled commuters also grew even more frustrated as network operator SBS Transit broadcast what commuters feel are misleading announcements on how much additional travel time they must include in their train journeys.

The disruptions began during rush hour this morning as a signal fault caused train service towards Expo and Bukit Panjang stations to be delayed. Later in the day, a signal fault disrupted services between Bugis and Chinatown in both directions.

SBS Transit deployed buses to help ferry inconvenienced customers between stations. It also informed commuters to add 15 minutes additional travel time to reach their destinations of they are travelling between the affected stations.

Commuters, however, found that there were delays of about 15 minutes at each station, instead of a total travel time delay of 15 minutes. Many reported reaching their destinations an hour later than expected, instead of 15 minutes later than usual:

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  1. Wa….take me more than they mentioned….at least x2.
    More than 11 hours already n still can’t solve …n seem to be getting worst.
    With all the religious blessings n it still having problem after problem less than 5 months of ops. Can only be Bad Luck. Maybe it needs human sacrifices….heads need to roll.

  2. Cos they never switch to manual mode even during the signal fault just wait there for control center instruction. Cos i saw it myself this morning and i was standing inside the front cabint near to the staff no well train to switch to manual driving the train.

  3. Err how can people reach Bugis from expo? That’s impossible you need to take a different line.
    In any case. I was lucky. I got to work on time. I did notice a lot more people taking the train at 715am but thought nothing of it

  4. For maybe 3 to 4 years now, mrt mgmt saying signal faults, so they put trial tests still failed. Cannot capture, hold on or even loss signal. The computing programmes also revamp yet it still in futile. Whenever sky raining, Mrt sure broken down. Now they increase the mrt lines with even more trains and buses for us. Guess it meant for broken down mrt times. Btw it would incurred more investments for mrt. Stable profits for them. Land usage is even higher now, our establishments value will risen accordingly. Taxpayers will foot the bill for depot.