ComfortDelGro urges taxi drivers to inform on private-hire car drivers who use taxi stands


Leading taxi service operator ComfortDelGro seems to have sent out an SMS to its taxi drivers urging them to turn in private-hire car drivers who pick up or drop off passengers at taxi stands.

A copy of the SMS was shared online by netizen Mr Selvaraj who claims that the message was a mass broadcast to all their drivers. Private-hire car drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers on Singapore streets without bookings, or wait, pick up or drop off passengers from taxi stands.

The SMS indicates that ComfortDelGro will help to forward complaints sent to them to Land Transport Authority, and that informants may have to testify in court if necessary.

The text message comes hot on the heels of new regulations requiring private-hire car drivers to display Private-Hire Car Driver’s Vocational License (PDVL) decals on their windshield and rear window from this month to identify themselves – a measure that is said to have been implemented as a way for authorities to recognise and deal with errant drivers.


  1. LTA built taxi stands for taxis in the past. New era now! To be fair, LTA should seriously consider building private hire stands islandwide since you’re implementing regulations on this group of growing market.

    • No. Govt didnt play them out. They played out our taxi uncles with ever increasing rent. Now our taxi uncle have the choice to jump to UG and adapt to the changes. They are stuck with an idle fleet.

  2. Gives me a very uncomfortable feeling to have managements that encourage sneaking, stealth, slime, skullduggery. I guess it gives us an insight into their values and standards.

  3. Basically to be a “biatch”. That is what happens when there is no solution for Comfort to help its own taxis. Especially in reducing rentals to real levels. But to pay CEO millions they try to make their cab drivers to be their bitches. Plus must sign undertaking to go court. Hahaha.

  4. have to stoop so low and resort to such despicable act to keep market share, looks like comfort hasn’t wake up its idea. historians and museums are already on standby to welcome comfort!

  5. We should also take pic of taxi which queue more than the allowed number at taxi stands n those who like to drive on the extreme right lane of an expressway slowly hogging the road.
    Then send these pic to LTA.
    Who gain in the end?

  6. Fuck u comfort! Rem the times when yr Drivers pick and choose their customers on the street? Rem when yr Drivers go into hiding nearin peak or midnight hrs? Rem when yr Drivers can switch from green to red right in front of a flagging customers? Rem the Long queues at Hospitals when even calling cab is useless? Rem the times when yr Drivers blatantly turn green to on call In split seconds! Fuck off! Karma is at work!

  7. LTA created another problems without thinking. Before the decal, nobody know which car is for PHV so no possibility of flagging the vehicle. Now the decal acts as that ‘ Taxi’ signs. If the new ruling is meant to assure passengers that the driver is qualified, then just the license displayed inside the vehicle will do. But nooo…the zombies implement stuff without thinking. It is meant to create bad blood between cabbies and PHV. Period.

  8. instead of giving more benefits to keep its existing taxi drivers, it embarks on a witch hunt. that speak much volume about comfort’s management. nothing but a bunch of petty, self-serving sycophants.

  9. Its time to act, many now many taxis stand full of public waiting for the PHV, occupied the stand. In Joining Koon, Jurong Point, Jurong East Plaza Singapore passengers do not have spaces to que, although they are also earning a living or whatsoever, this PHV now ignored the rules.

  10. Country have coming to an end , any tolerance among the people ? … reporting each other have become a disease ! … everywhere there are cameras to generating more revenue … is there real education ?

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