Comfort cabbie showers mother with babies with kindness in heavy downpour


Facebook user Jolene Liow shared how a Comfort cabbie kindly shielded her babies from a heavy downpour when other passersby ignored her. The incident happened yesterday at about 10am near the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

Describing the cabbie as a ‘champ’, Jolene said she was “surprised” by his act of kindness. Jolene identified the cabbie as one driving Comfort SH9260P. “He clearly did it out of the goodness of his heart and not expecting anything in return,” she added.

Just in case you are not able to see Jolene’s post, this is what she said.

I was on my way to send Josh to his infantcare when it suddenly started to pour; I didn’t bring an umbrella. Even though I was about 10m away from the bus stop, the rain was too heavy for me to run back.

So I squatted down next to Josh, poor boy getting drenched in his stroller, the both of us stranded under the overhead bridge, soaking up rainwater by the minute, while passersby with umbrellas rushed by.

Then I see this taxi, stopping along Pei Wah Ave, and the uncle coming out of the driver seat to grab an umbrella from his back seat, while it was still pouring.

And then, he ran about 15m from his taxi towards me in the rain, handed me the umbrella, smiled and said, “Keep it!”

I was so shocked at his kindness and all I could muster was a mere, “Thank you,” before he ran back to his taxi, all drenched in the downpour himself. OMG.

Just wanted to share this, cos this taxi uncle is really a champ. While my social feed is usually peppered with anecdotes of nasty people doing mean things to others, this uncle really stands out and deserves a medal.

Really thanks to him, my 14-month Joshie and my 5-month baby bump were saved from being utterly soaked in the rain. Cos this hero decided it was more worthwhile to get himself drenched than to have a pregnant stranger and her child get wet.

How many people would actually stop what they’re doing, to help someone in need? More so, to needlessly get drenched in the rain, just to help someone they don’t even know? And to do it with such class, just simply rushing off, leaving me without even a glass slipper to find him? Thankfully I squinted hard enough to spy his car plate number, SH9260P! And so, I hope to find his contact if possible, cos I’ve also written in to Comfort!

So all the talk about being selfless, Mr Super Uncle of Comfort SH9260P driving along Pei Wah Ave this morning at 10am, you’re da man! Sorry I only managed to take a blur photo as he drove away so quickly. He clearly did it out of the goodness of his heart and not expecting anything in return.

But he deserves much more credit!

feeling thankful.