Coffeeshop patron caught harassing stall worker and calling him “low class”

The video which has garnered 34,000 views features a Chinese man yelling at a worker at a Mushroom and Minced Meat Noodles stall

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A coffeeshop patron has been caught on camera harassing a stall worker. While it is unclear exactly when the incident occurred, the footage of the incident captured by an eyewitness is going viral after it was published online today, with 34,000 views.

In the video, a Chinese man can be seen yelling at a worker at a Mushroom and Minced Meat Noodles stall. According to one publication, the victim is believed to be a foreign worker who was apparently having his dinner at the stall when the patron called him “low class” and criticised him for having a late dinner.

It is unclear what triggered the incident, which purportedly occurred at a coffeeshop in Jurong West. Netizens on social media speculated that the patron could have been enraged that the worker was having his own dinner instead of serving him.

Man scolds PRC coffeeshop worker for being low class

<Reader Contribution>Man scolds PRC coffeeshop worker for being low class. What is wrong with him? Let the poor worker eat in peace la!

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This latest incident could join a string of incidents where foreign workers have been harassed in public. Earlier this year, a Singaporean drew immense flak after he castigated a foreign worker simply for taking a break at a void deck.

Last year, a video of a racist man trying to kick a migrant worker out of an elevator also angered many Singaporeans.

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