COE rises by over 10% just two days after Senior Minister assures 0% car growth cut will not affect COE


The premiums of Certificate of Entitlement (COE) has risen significantly across all categories, despite the government’s assurances that the impending car and motorcycle growth cut will have little bearing on COE prices.

It was revealed at the end of the latest COE bidding exercise today that premiums have been increased by over 10% for all categories:

Category A (Cars up to 1600CC & 97KW): S$47,112 (up from S$41,617) risen by 13%
Category B (Cars above 1600CC OR 97KW): S$57,414 (up from S$49,996) risen by 15%
Category C (Goods vehicles and buses): S$58,036 (up from S$51,890) risen by 11%
Category D (Motorcycles): S$5,502 (up from S$4,903) risen by 11%
Category E (Open category): S$57,000 (up from S$52,000) risen by 10%

A total of 7,870 bids was received, with a quota of 4,334 COEs available.

The increased premiums follows Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s announcement last month that the growth rate for COE Categories A, B and D will be cut from the current 0.25% per annum to 0%, with effect from February 2018 until at least 2020.

Analysts have speculated that premiums would rise, even though the zero growth rate is yet to be implemented, due to panic bidding. The results of the latest bidding exercise today shows that their concerns were well-founded, despite the government’s assurances that COE premiums will not be affected by the growth cut.

Just two days ago, on Monday (6 Nov), Senior Minister of State (Transport) Lam Pin Min assured in Parliament that the zero growth rate for cars and motorcycles is not expected to significantly affect COE premiums since the COE quota is largely determined by the number of vehicles deregistered.

He was responding to MP Member of Parliament Saktiandi Supaat’s question on the impact of adjustments to the vehicle growth rate, which LTA previously assured will not affect the supply of COEs.

In a statement last month, the LTA explained that the decision to cut the growth rate for cars and motorcycles was made because “in view of land constraints and competing needs, there is limited scope for further expansion of the road network.”

It added that public transport will step up and that the government has set aside a whopping $28 billion dollars to improve the public transport system.


  1. The papies ate living in their Ivory Towers, lost touch with the people.
    One hand, increase the population, the other hands stop vehicle growth.
    How can thus be?

  2. Anybody with a clear mind will know that the COE will rise with the announcement. Only the Million Dollar Minister said will not affect. Cos does not affect them.

  3. COE should be based on the selling price of the car. Example if the car selling price is 30k and the COE bidding is 200% then total price will be 90k. If luxury car price at 500k then total price 1.5m.

  4. If Singapore population rise to 10 millions it will improve Singapore economy, traffic become more heavy, MRT n bus very crazy crowded n lastly, crime will increased.

  5. More and more ministers talking nonsensical. Talk without thinking as though Singaporean are daft. They really got very thick skin. Don’t know how they can face the public everyday. These ministers are becoming like clowns.

  6. If u can believe the Govt pigs can fly. Haven’t anyone learn their lesson after so many many years‍♂️. It really convince me most Singaporeans are stupid and dumb.

  7. the LTA policies are set to manipulate the COE, set growth rate at zero and imposing extra tax on emission and letting the public know that the price of new car will increase by S$10k to S$20k. wala!! COE shoot up by 10%!! and 10% equates to many millions direct into their coffers!! COE is the most unfair tax, it affect everyone even babies and children, it adds to business costs, and then this extra costs are passed down to the consumers by raising price. so no one is spared by COE!!! and they use it as a tool to top up the coffers as and when they feel like it!! have they even think of the implications when they anyhow raise COE prices?!!

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