CNA removes article on Singapore’s first radicalised female who reportedly is PAP Community Foundation educarer


Channel NewsAsia (CNA) had published a report titled ‘Singapore detains 1st radicalised female citizen’ about an hour ago. The report has now been removed from its website.

A cached copy of the report however is still available in Google search.

According to the cached copy, the detained female is a 22 year-old preschool teacher who had been posting pro-ISIS materials online since 2014 and was also looking for a terror supporter in Syria to marry.

The report named the preschool teacher and said that she is an infant “educarer” with the PCF (PAP Community Foundation) Sparkletots preschool programme. She was on contract employment with the preschool before her detention in June this year.

As at 2.30pm today, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has not published any press release of the detention under the Internal Security Act in its website.

UPDATE: The MHA has since confirmed the detention of Izzah in its website.


  1. thank god for internet , the article probly has not been vetted to remove every PAP affiliation from it. Just like FORMER MP arrested and out on bail for FAS saga, no mention much just skim tru

    • Yes there are many more roaming around but nothing is being done. One look and you can tell who is fanatic but still nothing is done. I’m weary about them so if I’m feeling anti or Islamophobia, I have every right to feel this way

  2. She wants to marry not a porn show like the western world. Am sure the westerners have sent their women to Asia to understand the culture here and how to infiltrate their minds to use them for their advantage.

  3. Government should make it a law for family to report radicalised family members. Its one of the few ways to hold any future SG attacks at bay.

  4. Even maids working in Singapore also caught for planning attack.
    This group of fanatics comes from all levels n all walks of life.
    From non educated levels to highly educated levels.
    The initial reason that most of them not educated n easily conned in its violent religious texts.
    Yet highly educated ones are playing the fanatic roles too.
    That’s why it is a serious problem.

  5. So the story is about CNA removing the article (which is still there) or about Singapore’s first radicalised female citizen? Or that she was an employee of PCF Sparkletots? Starting to lose focus here The Independent Singapore.
    Seems like you have your own agenda which is more dangerous than hers.

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