Singapore News Cleaner who uses floor mop to clean table at Changi Village hawker...

Cleaner who uses floor mop to clean table at Changi Village hawker centre shocks Singaporeans




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A photo of a man who appears to be a migrant cleaner using a floor mop to wipe the tables at a local coffeeshop has disgusted netizens. According to Singapore Hardware Zone, the incident was captured at Changi Village hawker centre.

Posted first on the Hardware Zone yesterday, the picture was later re-posted on social media by Facebook group ‘SINK – Singapore Ink’, where it has already racked up over 160 shares online:

changi hawker; use mop clean floor clean table; eeee

Posted by SINK – Singapore Ink on Wednesday, 10 October 2018


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Netizens responding to the picture shared their disgust over how revolting it is that the same implement used to clean the dirty floors are used to wipe clean the tables where diners consume food.

Some netizens also alleged that they have heard of cleaners using toilet brushes to wipe mirrors in schools, workers who use the same rag to handle raw meat and wipe down plates and cleaners who consume food without washing their hands after wiping down a dirty table:

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