Civil servants to receive highest year-end bonus in past 4 years


All civil servants in Singapore are set to receive a full month Annual Variable Component (AVC) bonus at the end of this year, alongside their 13th-month bonus, according to a statement by Public Service Division today.

Combined with the half-month bonus civil servants received in June, the total bonus of all civil servants over 2017 is at least two and a half months’ salary.

This is the highest AVC bonus paid to civil servants since 2013. Last year, civil servants received an AVC bonus of 0.95 months.

We re-publish the Public Service Division’s statement in full here:

The Singapore economy grew by 5.2% on a year-on-year basis in 3Q17, higher than the 2.9% growth in the previous quarter. The Singapore economy grew at a faster pace of 3.5% in the first three quarters of 2017, compared to 1.7% over the same period a year ago. Taking into account the global and domestic economic environment, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has forecast that the economy will grow by 3.0% to 3.5% for the whole of 2017.

Against this backdrop, civil servants will be paid a year-end Annual Variable Component (AVC) of 1 month. Lower-wage civil servants will get a minimum year-end AVC of $1,800. This signals the Government’s continued commitment to help low-wage workers.

Around 1,490 civil servants will benefit from the minimum AVC payment of $1,800. For example, an officer earning a monthly salary of $1,500 will get a year-end AVC of $1,800. This is $300 more than what he would get at 1 month of his monthly salary (which would have been $1,500).

Together with the mid-year AVC of 0.5 month in July 2017, civil servants will receive a full-year AVC of 1.5 month in 2017. The AVC payment is in line with the more optimistic economic outlook for 2017 compared with 2016. The payment (including the minimum payment) was decided in consultation with the public sector unions.

All civil servants will also get the Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance (NPAA) of 1 month, to be paid in December together with the AVC.


  1. Wonder how many months of bonus will the Ministers get!

    Anyway no need to rejoice, now give you a lil bit more bonus, next year income tax raise, GST raise. LPPL

    • Declare the bonus and the total remuneration for one year and the Ministers and Ministers of State will be worried sick about their landed homes and luxe cars being set on fire.

  2. I work till retirement only get 13th month bonus, just enough to pay income tax!!!
    Now, I understand why they are raising taxes so that they can buy votes from civil servants, no wonder an Adventist friend never dare to comment about our notorious white monkeys!!!

  3. . 70% u are real idiots tht made Singaporeans pay for worthless people and make yourself jobless. Most of u should leave singapore quickly or just die. So singapore will be great again. ‍♂️

  4. “More good years” narrative has started again. Lots of massive infrastructure projects was announced lately. It will all play out nicely in 2020. With a huge reserve relative to GDP, it is easy to move a few percentage points. Good job boys, real genius.

  5. Hahaha we are bleedings everywhere ….. it will be worse when additional taxes kick in ….and they are serving themselves. Lost touch with the real situations.

  6. Just like in other countries- a form of buying loyalty n votes. Ironic. From the top to bottom, from civic services n military n private sectors ,all are somehow linked n involved. Hope one day it will not collapse n the 70% of fools will not live to regret.

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