Chua Chu Kang RC ridiculed for asking for non-halal food contribution for Iftar potluck


A Residents Committee in Chua Chu Kang is being ridiculed by some netizens for inviting its residents to bring a halal or non-halal dish to an Iftar (meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan) potluck it held last week.

May I suggest any non-muslim organiser to avoid using Islamic terms like Iftar or Ramadan, ie. Bazar Ramadan, if you are…

Posted by Zait Ismail Halimah Masa'ed on Monday, 5 June 2017

Facebook user Zait Ismail Halimah Masa’ed who shared a picture of the RC’s invitation to its residents said: “May I suggest any non-muslim organiser to avoid using Islamic terms like Iftar or Ramadan, ie. Bazar Ramadan, if you are not ready to be inclusive. This is to avoid unnecessary confusion. I would also like to suggest our muslim MPs to remind your colleagues to be more sensitive when using these terms. And RC members, please get the approval from your Muslim advisors or MPs before you disseminate such invitations. Thank you for your understanding.”


    • Culture and religion is 2 diffrent world…its so simple…they can just call it dinner…but not iftar…iftar is exclusive meaning of breaking a fast in Ramadan…if non muslims want to problem but food must be halal only…so just change the iftar to dinner…then there will be no issue about the food…by the way…can we call a church a mosque…i think we cant but but we can call them a place for worship right…hope this explain it.

    • Do you have to comment on anything with the usual foreigner bashing?
      Your comment is out of point. This is a religious community event not a secular one. BTW you will be surprised how many true blue Singaporeans are ignorant of others races’ religious and cultural practices.

  1. Sensitive a little bit lah… would not be so nice to bring red roasted meat to a Buddhist event rite….we singaporeans mah don’t want to hurt each other’s feelings….and anyways Ian Ian Nih…..your post is ugly just like ur fat face and your fat fugly girlfriend…

  2. I am sorry Ian for saying that. Shouldn’t say those personal thingy about u. It hurts .But after I read ur comments and saw ur profile pic, feel like….that urge to punch that face…yup it’s the face actually…..sorry.

  3. Inclusive, right? That’s precisely what this invitation is supposed to promote— inclusivity regardless of race, gender or religion. No one should be excluded based on heir dietary restrictions. You can’t eat it? Don’t eat!
    Besides it’s held on communal ground. Why create boundary when there is none?

  4. Fact is… For non Muslims family… There is no way to prepare a halal home cooked food. Maybe just contribute drinks kopi, tea etc..etc.

    • Hana Saemon I am sorry but I dont agree to “just call it dinner” suggestion. Are we saying we are going to make it a dinner session not related to any event?? It is , organize in the name of a muslim event.. so we follow the rule and respect the religion. If anyone from RC must eat non halal food.. they should feel free to excuse themself or join the event but go with a full stomach. I have not heard of anyone having serious health issue after missing a non halal meal. Try organizing a pot luck with all the meat dishes during a buddhist festival. It is simply ridiculous and I canmot imagine this is actually happening.

  5. To break fast with Muslims, eating halal food is respect for other religion. Those who want to eat non halal food can opt out of the event on their own free will.

  6. How funny is this….?

    It’s like asking them to bring beef dish potluck for a Hindu religious event….

    The non muslims who wants to join in an Iftar event, should be served halal food (provided by the RC) and eat the same thing Muslims eat during Iftar, like dates and milk for example….

    So that on top of building and bonding of relationships among residents, they can experience and learn a thing or two with regards to fasting/Iftar/Ramadhan…..

    Is it not….?

  7. If you want to have a potluck, by all means go ahead. But don’t call it Iftar, which has a religious reference, if you want to bring non-halal food. Please exercise some common sense and be a little sensitive to your community.

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