Asia Chow Yun Fat is a regular customer at a single mother’s stall...

Chow Yun Fat is a regular customer at a single mother’s stall selling Chee Cheong Fun

The famous actor's visits to the stall has resulted in a turnaround in business for Wang Lili who is grateful for the mega star's endorsement




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TAI PO, HONG KONG – Mega movie star Chow Yun Fat made headlines once more for his benevolence in helping out a single mother in her business selling steamed rice noodle rolls or chee cheong fun.

HK01 recently released a feature story about Wang Lili who is a widow with two sons and her struggle to make ends meet.

According to the news portal, Ms. Wang decided to open up a steamed rice noodle roll stall after her husband passed away in 2013. She borrowed HK$100,000 (approx. S$17,300) from her family to open her shop at Tai Po, a district in the Eastern New Territories.

In the beginning business faltered as the shop was incurring monthly losses of between HK$30,000 and HK$40,000 (approx. S$5,188 to S$6,918).

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Later on Ms Wang met a couple based in Shenzhen, a Chinese city on the mainland, and learned to make steamed rice noodle rolls from scratch using traditional equipment made from stone.

With two sons to raise and much determination, Ms. Wang started waking up at 6 am every morning to go to Shenzhen to further improve her skill in the craft and the quality of her food in the hope of attracting more customers.

The hardworking mother finally saw the fruits of her labour when her stall started getting some high profile clientele including Chow Yun Fat.

It was through one of her media interviews that the actor heard of Ms. Wang and her business.

She told HK01: “I heard someone calling my name while I was working on a busy weekend. When I turned around and saw that it was Chow calling me, I was so surprised. I feel incredibly lucky that such a huge movie star has actually come all the way to this remote place to support my business.”

Of course, the frugal yet generous billionaire did not stop there.

“Although Chow is nonchalant about it, I’ve heard from many people that Chow was the one who introduced them to my stall. He’s really nice and doesn’t put on airs. I wish him good health, a happy life, and for his kindness to be rewarded,” Ms. Wang added.

The aspiring chee cheong fun master said that Chow often visits her store to buy her Sakura shrimp steamed rice noodle rolls and pork congee with dried vegetables.

“He has helped my business a lot. So many people come to visit my stall now. I have him to thank for this,” said Ms. Wang.

Here is the Facebook page of Ms. Wang’s shop which contains pictures of her hand made creations as well as photos with celebrities.

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