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Chinese student allegedly discriminated by Malay stall holder in school

Facebook user Gordon Tay shared that his nephew was discriminated by a stall holder in his school’s canteen. The stall holder repeatedly charged his nephew’s friend lesser for the same dish, on several occasions. His friend is Malay.

Gordon’s friends who responded to his post said that such practices were common not only in schools but also in workplaces. Facebook user Patrick Lim said: “It is rather common to see this happening in company canteens and at hawker centers. They discriminate you in prices or food quantity based on who you are. But for muslim food, it is good to eat less, because most are fried and high oil content. Not healthy.”

If you can’t read what Gordon posted, this is what he said.

My 7 year old nephew came home from school last week and related his experience about being charged more than his best friend, Ahmad, although they bought the exact same food. After being treated the same way several times, he had since sworn to stop buying food from the Malay stall as he said “the stall owner always cheat my money because my friend always pay less”.

My innocent nephew had probably experienced discrimination for the first time in his young life.

I wonder if we teach our kids discrimination is normal at such a young age, what kind of society will we have in the future?