Chinese man publicly shamed for allegedly spitting on hijab-wearing woman in MRT


An unnamed Chinese man has been publicly shamed by netizens who believe that he spit on a hijab-wearing Muslim woman while commuting in the MRT.

The supposed offender was first flagged online by Facebook user Lyza Nassi, who claims to be a friend of the alleged victim. Sharing a photo of the man, Nassir said that the man pretended to “act stupid, act blur” after committing the alleged offence.

Nassir excoriated the man who was captured wearing a polo t-shirt with the Samsung logo, as an “idiot,” an “asshole,” and “disgusting,” in her Facebook post which went viral with over 1000 other users sharing her post on their own pages.

This idiot here, just spitted on my fren who is wearing a hijab. Den act stupid act blur. Excuse me, if u have a fucking…

Posted by Lyza Nassir on Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Netizens commenting on Nassir’s post have predominantly asked her to lodge a police report against the man.

Others also asked her to flag the matter to Samsung, in case the man is an employee of the conglomerate, given his polo t-shirt.

Following this, Facebook user Lydia Matin commented that she reached out to Samsung Singapore and shared a screenshot of her conversation with the organisation that responded that it is investigating the matter:

Not everyone has instantly deemed the man a racist. Besides expressing doubts about the veracity of the complaint, some netizens have questioned whether the alleged victim did anything to instigate the attack and whether anyone can verify whether he only spit on her because of her religion and not anything else.



  1. Whether the victim did anything…
    Spit on some one is wrong. As to why the title sounded like he tgt hijab lady… Is intentional or not is very important.
    Is the title trying to raise religious unhappiness?
    One case..a Malay guy spit on a Chinese lady in a busy bus station.
    Do we say a Muslim spit on non-hijab lady?
    We can see the different in meaning to many readers.

  2. Report to the police ! Not sure why we keep highlighting on social media the differences, and why this website kept hyping such news ? Are there not other news that are interesting ?

  3. Come try spitting at a woman infront of me you bespectacled Clark Kent son of a gun character. You will be bleeding in your balls by the time i am done with you. Want to try? By the way, I am Singaporean by birth and Clark Kent you bo lampa Come.

  4. I say, you say. Who confirm what really took place. People are sure quick to play judge & jury. Make a police report & let them have his picture if the supposed incident did take place. Not here on a social media site where no one, I repeat, no one has the exact details except for the so called victim.

    • It not really a matter of whether it takes two hands to clap or whatsoever. Don’t like the witch hunt that follows every single time a one-sided posting like this is seen on social media. I mean, please lah, if it was we ourself that kena something like this even if there is a perfectly logical explanation, but because we didn’t get to explain our self. How would we like it if it was our face posted there. Our society is really starting to be really mean & pre-judgemental. Sad actually.

    • Glenn See Toh . True bro, these days journalists are a little lazy and can’t be bothered to investigate the veracity of a story. Instead they prefer to stir up outrage in the name of profits.

  5. There must be more to this. No doubt it’s wrong to spit on someone, but for no reason, why did he spit on her? Further investigation is needed. Not so simple.

  6. Wearing a Samsung T? He could be a Samsung employee? So not necessary a Chinese or PRC Chinese. He mayb a Korean. He got the look of a Korean . The headline should not appear as such without due verication. For this type of thing, it’s wise not to speculate in social media. Report to SPF and let the laws take its course. Same like the Malay man who spat at a woman in a bus interchange many months ago. That case was dealt by SPF and appropriate punishments were meted out.

  7. Later like the school teacher who was cleared by the court!! Better do YOUR OWN ILIGENCE before posting or commenting else later kenna sue until Pants dropped.

    • Please lah Indian mama lady. Don’t be duped by Government propaganda. My granny wears sarong, speaks Javanese and Malay and eats with her hand, cooks delicious Malay food but she remains Chinese.

  8. Splitting on anyone is an act that is seriously unnecessary and will definitely trigger a heated confrontation but errr by splitting a hijab-wearing individual just makes it more serious ?

  9. I am not surprised if this goon suffers mental issue judging from his face but if not the better so he will have a case if the victim lodge a police report. This kind of species must be dealt severely for what he did.

  10. Allow the innocences to seek assistances and justices through the law to assertive the guilties.
    Do not get personal. Not with guilties are proven. It’s against the law. Allow the law to take care of the grievances.

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