China national falls to her death after quarrel with lover when another woman “hang flower” for him

A 33-year-old China national was found dead on the ground floor of Cuppage Plaza, this past Monday around 5.20am.

According to eyewitnesses who spoke to the Chinese daily, the woman was seen embroiled in an argument with a male nightclub performer at the shopping centre’s 5th floor before she was found dead.

The Chinese daily reports that the deceased woman, who belongs to a wealthy family, began to frequent the 5th floor nightclub after falling in love with the male performer. The woman would visit the nightclub and “hang flower” for the performer as she indulged in drinks.

The “hang flower” practice involves patrons of nightclubs purchasing garlands of flowers from the establishment to hang around the necks of the performers they appreciate. Performers earn a commission from the sale of the garland if a patron “hangs flower” for them.

In the early hours of Monday, the Chinese woman had reportedly been drunk when she noticed another nightclub patron “hanging flower” for her lover. Incensed, the woman got into a loud argument with the performer that lasted about 10 minutes, according to a nearby convenience store owner.

A short while later, the convenience store woman saw the woman’s lifeless body on the ground floor of the shopping centre, surrounded by policemen and paramedics. The woman is believed to have thrown herself off the ledge at the 5th floor after the quarrel.

The convenience store owner told the Chinese daily: “I wasn’t at the shop at the time. A cleaner told me that the woman looked drunk, and before she fell over there wasn’t any commotion. It looked like she just jumped and ended her life.”

Police investigations are ongoing.