Child sex convict and Contact Singapore poster boy Joshua Robinson did not even have a Bachelor degree


Convicted child sex offender, 39-year-old Joshua Robinson, did not even have a Bachelor’s degree when he came to work in Singapore. According to Robinson’s profile in Blogger, he only had an associate’s degree in Computer Animation from the Illinois Institute of Art.

“I originally enrolled to get a Bachelors degree from the Illinois Institute of Art. However I was working professionally before I had even finished up my Associates deg. I decided to finish out my associates degree and continue working within the industry. I never looked back. I graduated in 1998 with an associate’s degree in Computer Animation from the Illinois Institute of Art. I have been working professionally ever since.” – Joshua Robinson

The institution Robinson enrolled in also had some pretty rotten reviews by its past and present students.

Robinson was a celebrated poster boy for Contact Singapore. Contact Singapore’s mission includes bringing global talent to work in Singapore, and Joshua Robinson was touted as its poster boy.

In a promotional video made for Contact Singapore, Robinson can be heard saying, “Life in Singapore, to me, feels really easy”.

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The Singapore court on Thursday (2 Mar) sentenced  Robinson to four years jail for sexually assaulting two teenage girls and filming the assaults. Robinson pleaded guilty to nine charges – three for sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls, five for possessing obscene films and one for showing an obscene film to a six-year-old girl.

He was caught in June 2015 after his second victim told her parents about the assault and made a police report against him. Police officers who searched his apartment after the report was made, found and seized 5,902 X-rated films, including 321 films of child pornography.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Nicholas Lai called Robinson a sexual predator who groomed and morally corrupted his young victims and coaxed them into having sex with him but only claimed four to five years jail for Robinson.

In a blog post in 2010, Robinson disputed that 18 should be the age of consent for sex.
Meanwhile a about 9,000 supporters have signed a petition addressed to the Attorney General’s Chambers and to the Law Minister that the punishment meted out to the sex offender is grossly inadequate.