Child pees in food bowl at restaurant, mother tells waitress “the bowl has to be washed anyway”


At a Beijing restaurant recently, a boy told his mom that he needed to use the toilet. Instead of escorting him to the washroom, she simply handed him a bowl from the dining table and told him to pee.

A Weibo user witnessed this mother using a blue bowl to contain her son’s pee, before pouring it into another food bowl on 8 Oct. After being caught by a waitress, the unrepentant woman apparently replied, “the bowl has to be washed anyway.”

A local reporter visited the restaurant in Fangzhuang District the next day where a worker confirmed what had happened, saying that she had been working at the restaurant for more than 10 years, and this was a first for her.

She added that the woman’s decision was especially perplexing because a washroom is located on each floor for customers. She reassured that the woman’s bowl and utensils had been disposed of following the incident.

Weibo users responded sarcastically to the incident. One user suggested, tongue in cheek, “since the bowl will be washed, the lady might just use it for eating later.”

Another one quipped: “Your toilet bowl can be washed. Why don’t you use it for eating?”


  1. What kind of reason she gave – “what about saying that she have sexual relationship before – so to have another should not constitute to rape ah – ha ha ha” – what a joke –

  2. {A family of Chinese tourists, who it is said came to Taiwan as part of a tour with a substantially higher price tag than is typical for tour groups from China….allowing a three-year-old boy to urinate in a bottle while the parents were eating at a table, the Chinese-language Apple Daily reported.
    The toddler was part of a family of five tourists dining in the Michelin-starred Din Tai Fung restaurant in Taipei 101 on Oct. 2, and urinated in a plastic bottle instead of going to a restroom that was 100m from where the family were eating.
    The urine splashed on food the family had bought, so they tried to get it replaced for free, but were rejected, the report said.}

  3. Wash the pee bowl and put dessert in it and offer to them for FREE. I challenge the mother to eat from it n feed her child with it after letting them know it’s the same bowl.

  4. Now is it so obvious we can never be compare to 1st world country like Australia. We are not a 1st world country with this type of govt accepting these type of standards of citizens. ‍♂️ 70% u voted for a 3rd world u idiots.

  5. Wondering if she does that at home after all the bowls and cups needed to be washed anyway. Good luck to all who visited her and drank or eat from her bowl and cups.

  6. Sending a wrong message to his kid..So next time, the kid will pee into the bowl and he is going to serve water to his parent using the bowl he had used.. OMG

  7. lol , why don’t I use a bowl and let another child from another table to do his business , washed and use the same bowl to serve you ?
    Hey , fat and ugly lao charbo …. you ok ?

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