Featured News Changi Airport clarifies, says “CAG does not restrict the wearing of masks...

Changi Airport clarifies, says “CAG does not restrict the wearing of masks by those on duty at the airport”

The clarification was in response to reports of security staff at Changi Airport receiving text messages that disallowed them from wearing masks




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In a response to a report by TISG, Changi Airport Group has clarified that it was not them who sent out circulars restricting their staff from wearing masks while on duty at the airport.

Security staff at Changi Airport were sent a text message that read: “to prevent spreading panic in Changi, no one is to wear mask unless permission is granted”.

“The only group of people who, at this point, are allowed to don the surgical mask in the course of their work, are the APOs performing temperature screening duties for our client, MOH, inclusive of APOs engaged in Door 4 ops for flights arriving from China”, the message added.

It also said that it will “manage” other airport staff seen wearing masks.

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Many netizens online had also noticed front-line staff at the checkpoints were not wearing masks and wondered if staff were told not to use masks.

Changi Airport Group (CAG)’s full statement on the matter reads: Changi Airport Group appreciates the hard work put in by the many security personnel at Changi Airport during this challenging period. Our airport workers are a vital resource for the airport and we continue to encourage them to be vigilant and to practise good personal hygiene.

While the medical guidance is that masks are necessary only if one feels unwell, CAG does not restrict the wearing of masks by those on duty at the airport. We did not send the WhatsApp message (circular) mentioned in your story, neither are we “managing” airport staff who wear masks.

While there were text messages circulating that disallowed staff from wearing masks, it now becomes unclear as to where these messages originated from. /TISG

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