Changi Airport arrest – new video shows man physically abusing police officers


A new video has emerged of the incident at Changi Airport in April in which a 44-year old foreign national had used abusive language and criminal force on police officers trying to arrest him.

The HD video, uploaded onto Youtube by Ben Bonifant, shows the incident from another angle. The man could be heard using vulgarities and warning the police not to touch him, calling one of them “f***head”.

The man, who can be seen being confronted by two police officers who apparently had responded to a call for help from a 48-year old man who said that he had been verbally abused by the foreigner who had also smashed his phone.

The first video of the confrontation was uploaded in April, and went viral with more than 500,000 views in total. In the videos, a police officer is seen using the baton to hit the man.

The second video, by Bonifant shows several members of the public, who had been watching the incident unfold, coming to the assistance of the two police officers, and tried to help subdue the man.

The man was finally brought down to the ground and arrested after more police officers arrived.

Watch the 31/2 minute video here: