Chan Chun Sing said he is prepared to become the next PM if called upon


Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Chan Chun Sing has told news agency Reuters that he is prepared to become the nation’s next Prime Minister if called upon.

According to an article released this evening, the 47-year-old Minister told journalists at a Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore briefing that he had an obligation to be ready to take on the head of government role.

“All of us have to be prepared to do the job when called upon.
“In Singapore, leadership is a responsibility to be borne, not a position to be sought.”
The cabinet member added that the next Prime Minister, whomever he may be, was unlikely to drastically change the government’s policy direction.

This man is the frontrunner to become Singapore's 4th Prime Minister. —————————————————–"S’pore PM Lee says ready to step down in two years."..leaving the main contenders to be Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Chan Chun Sing, Mr Ong and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat."

Posted by Martyn See on Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Chan Chun Sing has been rumoured to be a frontrunner for the position ever since interest in PM Lee’s successor heated up when the PM repeatedly announced in recent years that he would step down some time after the next general election, which must be held by 15 Jan 2021.

While Deputy Prime Ministers Teo Chee Hean and Tharman Shanmugaratnam are prime candidates for the position, it is unlikely that they will assume the role since they are only about 5 years younger than the PM.

The Man in the Middle: Is Chan Chun Sing hinting that he will be Singapore’s next Prime Minister?


  1. Bench warmer for Lee Hong Yi the no need follow chain of command loser have to destroy other people’s career just because of guard duty issue. Fark your Ah Gong’s army!

  2. “All of us have to be prepared to do the job when called upon.
    “In Singapore, leadership is a responsibility to be borne, not a position to be sought.” – The correct version should be all of us have to be prepared to be yes men and apple polish at the expense of our conscience. In Spore leadership is the mutli-million dollars reward to be sought.

  3. Do you truly believe he of all people can make things better for you and your children? It will be the same old same old of fixing up opposition and driving through their policies and agendas with more unconstitutional moves to entrench power for their self interest. I see him as the straw that breaks the camel back.

  4. He’s the chosen one and also the one who leaks the news before official announcement, just like the ‘Elected-President’. He has no secret to hide. Not a good attribute for politician but he has ISA to utilise. He has to be a scavenger to clear the mess left over by Lee & Ho and to realise and accept the fact that Singapore prime is already written down in history.

  5. Lately the MSM is all out working overtime to promote this CBF !!
    Pple of Mr. Tharman’s caliber let their deeds speak fir themselves!
    No need of any white termite’s machinery to prop up their public image !
    This CBF peels in comparison to Mr.Tharman !!!!
    Why can’t the white termite gang be honest and let the best man -Mr.Tharman to be PM to make SG great ever be !!!
    Meritocracy should be given its’ due in this instance !!!! Majullah Singapura!!!

  6. God forbid. This dumb chattel is purely a Yes man, has poor emotional intelligence (IQ as well), and knows sweet fa about running a country. If the PAP machinery even allows someone as idiotic as Dumbo to be PM, they are a seriously dumb party. Military state and rules beckoning.

  7. He n the rest should remember that singaporean doesnt owe him or tge rest anything he has ABSOLUTELY NO obligstion whatsoever to take the sky high salary of a singapore PM I M not even addressing his capability so if any of the goons from his sect claims obligation then let the honour b complete by taking a much lower salary u cant have authority n glory

  8. He should be the next PM, cause he can predict who is the next president. Hope he can predict how Singapore going to be under his guidance. may god pls save Singapore.

  9. So he is the candidate for PM to know how our government come to find him qualify..i not very good in our politic. Most of us would like more learning on this issues.

  10. We are all prepared not to vote him into parliament. We don’t need paper generals. They have a history of destroying more than creating. Singapore need not worry about him. His own party members will want to have him disposed.Mark my words.

  11. Bugs Bunny, shut your bloody gap! Don’t count chicks before they’re hatch!.

    Short ass, you’ll smell other countries ministers’ arm pit or disappear on camera lens!.

  12. Wake Up Singapore! Tolong la! Vote for better non PAP MPs and for better leadership. Do not let our nation go down the drain with such paper generals joining the ministerial line up in the PAP…. or God forbid, that one of them become the next PM

  13. You can be ready to take over PM position.. however the citizens of Singapore ready to accept u as PM or not..? This is a big question.. can u tell us what hv u achieve when u r in the government body..?

  14. I suspect many people will only read the headline and jump into conclusion.

    Pl allow me to reproduce part of the article.

    “All of us have to be prepared to do the job when called upon,” Chan, a former army chief, told journalists at a Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore briefing, when asked if he would like the job of prime minister.

    “In Singapore, leadership is a responsibility to be borne, not a position to be sought.”

  15. We must do everything in our power to convince all Singaporean to vote the PAP out of office in the next GE. That’s the only way these much of blood sucking generals that WE have created with our hard earned taxes been used to pay for their scholarship and now paying their million dollars salaries. Don’t Singaporean think enough is enough. I have had it with these bunch of ministers and will cast my vote for the opposition.

  16. The answer is vote them out before singapore become sinka-pariah state. Don’t let our forefather go to waste building a home for our Majullah Singapura families suffers, from this “Pen & finger pusher” so call leader who lost the human touch without feelings. General paper in a dress.

  17. With him as our PM, our buttholes will be auction off or given free to our permanent residences.
    With him as our PM, our buttholes will be auction off or given free to earn a living
    With him as our PM, we will be slaves

  18. This chap has a habit of spilling beans…remember who called Halimah president before she was made president! Yes, CCS and now he says that he’s ready to take on the responsibilty & role of PM, if called upon….need I say more?

  19. We inherited a load of rubbish and yes men Willing to eat shit when asked to do so. No guts to stand up for what is right and honorable. It cannot be that all MPs of the same political party think the same!!!! Something is amiss!!!! Just isn’t natural!!!!

  20. He has choose to sail with the right ship that brought us great prosperity and peace. We trust his leadership and values if called upon to steer this ship to continued progress.

  21. seems like these brainless ppl r really going to destroy sg completely..if 70% born retarded still can’t see what’s happening in sg they should just jump down is totally’s fight or die for all singaporeans now..

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