Chan Chun Sing and the language of politics



By Kumaran Pillai


Democracy is a messy process the world over and strangely it can bring less than desirable personalities like President Trump into power. But the power to overthrow an undesirable leader is inherent in the system through an electoral process.

Authoritarian governments are different. In Singapore for instance, we do have general elections every five years and in theory the president is elected into office. But in practice, you and I know that the President of Singapore is anointed.

Ministers here, on the contrary, speak of “Business Continuity” and no matter who amongst his peers is chosen to lead the country, make no mistake, it will be “business as usual,” said Minister Chan Chun Sing in a dialogue session with the foreign correspondents last week. Oddly, Minister Chan said that we’re facing an “existential crises” when arguing for a hike in water tariff earlier this year.

Writing in the ST Forum Page, one Dr Edmund Lam said that the next PM should be given more time to understudy the job. There you go, it is succession planning at its very best. Everything is planned for and in Chan’s words, there is a “finite number of permutations” when it comes to the next PM.

The other minister in the running for the next PM is Ong Ye Kung and he reckons that Singapore is best served by a one-party system. So, why bother with the messy check and balances of a democracy?

We are being conditioned to think alike, to speak in business lingos – succession planning, track record, matrix organisations and deep seated corporate culture. And civil disobedience CD) is a bad word, it is a no-no in our political lingo.

Even the newly minted Chairman of SDP, Prof Paul Tambyah said that his party boss, Dr Chee Soon Juan has gone through an image makeover, or something to that effect and gave assurance that such tactics are a thing of the past. Tambyah feels that party’s social media channels are good enough to get their message across. His remarks were well received, and someone even asked why it took SDP such a long time to realise that CD doesn’t work in Singapore.

Whether CD works in Singapore is another topic and it probably deserves a separate discussion. But what I see is this great need to conform, an acquiesce of sorts with the larger public. If that’s going to be the case, there is nobody, I mean nobody at all who will be challenging the status quo in Singapore.

Meanwhile in the US, the three tech giants, Google, Facebook and Twitter are reviewing their algorithms to ensure that their platforms are not inadvertently used to influence political outcomes and they have also come under fire for propagating fake news by the Russians. A change in the algorithm design would render social media as a blunt political tool.

This situation, I’m afraid will only lead to, to use Minister Chan’s words, a “finite number of permutations,” I see no political disruption in the near future in Singapore.

In recent times, the only real challenge is coming from Lee Hsien Yang, his son Li Shengwu and Lee Wei Ling. The Oxley Road saga is far from over.

The late Lee Kuan Yew’s son took to Facebook recently and said that the Prime Minister has made no attempt in resolving matters.

Still, our ministers insist that it is going to be “business as usual” in Singapore with train delays and breakdowns and a slow and definite downward slide.

It was announced last week that Broadcom, a $136 Billion-dollar company is moving its HQ to the USA – a sign that corporations find Singapore a less desirable destination for their business.

Keechiu if you think PAP is facing an existential crisis!


  1. Chan chunky seng always have this dazed and lost look everything media post picture of him. Hope it’s just the look and not his character. Otherwise if he become pm, then spore siao liow.

  2. He must have meant transcendental crisis and sinners need repent… all the wayang actually subjects to predestination and progressive revelation… now that the revelation is complete and the son glorified, what is left is people’s progressive understanding and eventual repentance…

  3. This guy CCS is the most obnoxious, arrogant, opinionated, self serving politician in the history of SG. Parachuted into power by connections.. has no known proven expertise in public or private disciplines. Think SG doomed if he is lifted to be PM by his kingmaker!

    • Fully agree.
      This bloody arsehole is a good for nothing greenhorn.
      Lee Hsien Loong is most dishonourable to push this wet behind the ears dog to be the next PM. Look at LHL. He was given 20 years of coaching by a dictator and yet is a totally incompetent failure.

      You stupid 70% it is your doing. Take pity on your next generation. Kick the greedy self serving PAP out.

  4. Kumaran Pillai commented that our President is anointed by our authoritarian super power !
    Only the Holy Trinity has the supernatural powers to anoint somebody
    Our authoritarian power falls in the hands of all citizens of Singapore therefore keechiu is wise enough to understand that his party is in crisis especially the recent Oxley family feud has not subsided!
    30% water hike, 30 minutes train delayed, CPF hold up, expensive 35 years lease 45 St metres studio at $160,000, no compassion towards our citizens with cancer treatment and on medication, not enough beds at community Hospital to let patients recuperate, promise of Swiss Standard but our senior citizens have to work as well as the sick have to struggle to work to pay for expensive foods and medicines!
    I keechiu to agree that Singaporeans, especially our senior citizens are living in crisis!!!
    I also keechiu to agree with Dr Lee Wei Ling that this authoritarian government can be voted out because it is very different from our old guards like Dr Goh Keng Swee, Dr Rajaratnam, Dr Toh Chin Chye, etc!
    We must keechiu to say, “Enough is enough! ” Let us open our eyes to watch GE2019

  5. Can you trust WP what have they done to the wards they won.Nothing at all.When I was at our former flat at Blk 515 Bedok North Ave 2 they have done nothing.I am now moved to Pasir Ris the block where I’am now occupying is very tydy n clean not a piece of paper or plastic bag could be found on the corridor lift loby etc.The cleanliness is 1st Class Well the MPs representing the ward.Appreciare very much tks you.I’m residing at Blk.751 Pasir Ris Street 71.Tks you

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  6. Honestly business as usual is probably not the best way moving forward especially when we are facing greater competition from our neighbors, populism gaining traction globally, a rising China who does not shy away from bullying tactics and a less reliable ally in the US. We need leaders who are more astute in the face of a changing geopolitical landscape and increased economic competition. They also need to be able to balance control over innovative as these are intrinsically linked through regulation. Even though we are ranked one of the top countries to do business by foreign investors but we still have lots of onerous regulations that stifles the creativity and growth of our own local business. We need to start ground up to prepare our folks for the changing and unpredictable world ahead of us and our political system also has to evolve. We need innovators and not folks who want the status quo or to play it safe for the next lap it we are to remain relevant.

  7. Existential crisis??? _|_ lah… long as 70% zombies and new shitizens prepared to vote for PAP, they will continue to mismanage Singapore and our CPF will never be returned.

  8. Alamat also a short ass probably appear as just a dot in group photography leh. Kan nah sai look power drunk to be next PM!. Flush yourself into the shit hole donkey!

  9. CHAN, when you talk ‘buay CHUN’ leh, raise your hand look like at getai SING song look more a job suitable for you lah!

  10. ah chan, ah heng or ah ong?
    ah heng? can talk, can’t work. milister of education, what did he do? wayang and a backstabber.
    ah ong? son of enemy. ironic if a son of enemy takes over and becomes the pm.

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