Cause of massive Indus Road fire that affected 153 still remains unclear

A massive fire erupted in the 15th storey of Block 78 Indus Road around 9.30pm last night. Three residents had to be hospitalised due to smoke inhalation and 150 residents were evacuated by the SCDF for precautionary measures.

The SCDF responded to the incident at about 9:30pm. According to the SCDF, the living room, kitchen and one bedroom was engulfed by the fire. The SCDF extinguished the fire with 2 water jets and evacuated the residents with the help of the Singapore Police Force.

Fortunately, there was nobody present in the home at the time of this incident.

Residents gathered at the first floor of the building and some reported that they heard glass shattering and loud blasts coming from the unit that was being torn apart by the massive fire.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.