Caucasian sheep farmer grabs local beer promoter’s breast, then gives her 50 cents as “tips”


A 46-year-old sheep farmer from New Zealand, Jeffrey Bruce Shearer, is the latest caucasian foreigner who has been caught inappropriately touching local beer promoters here, after a foreign researcher was convicted for squeezing the buttocks of a beer promoter in October.

Shearer was sentenced to a jail term of six months last Thursday for outrage of modesty after he grabbed the breast of a beer promoter who had been serving him and his father in law while they were drinking at a Jurong West eatery on 24 July this year.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling revealed in court that Shearer, who had been holidaying here, “forcefully” grabbed the victim:

“Suddenly, the accused gave the victim a ‘perverted smile’, reached his left hand towards the victim’s right breast and forcefully grabbed it. The victim felt pain from the grab and she immediately pushed the accused’s hand away.”

The beer promoter shouted at Shearer, but he arrogantly offered her 50 cents as “tips” which the victim rejected.

The victim called her husband who contacted the police. The police apprehended Shearer shortly after.

Foreign researcher fined $3000 for squeezing beer lady’s buttocks


    • Peter K.H.Chew- Show some respect for yourself if you cannot respect others!!! No need of you to judge just because the job does not carry a high portfolio.
      The victim is just working hard to earn her wage!
      It is a very uncalled for comments that you posted, it is demeaning!
      You deserve no respect and this is for you ! Nahbeh!!!!

  1. Expatriates don’t know how to behave themselves in the public.

    Disgraceful to themselves and family.

    FT and FW need to educate to our local culture. …

    Many expatriates take things by their own hands and yet our G hv double standard penalty on Foreigners. They are all from good family. ($$$$$……) This is $$$ good families. ….

    • Sow Meng Wong- This is Singapore ! You die your business ! As long as oneself do not die , that’s the paramount concerns in one’s mind !! This is the real hard faces of most Singaporean because the system that govern the society promote it!!! Who to blame one may ask??
      70% you got the answer right ?!!!

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