Caucasian man tries to appeal jail and caning sentence for molesting two women on same night

James Wade Burridge, 34

34-year-old Wade James Burridge is appealing an 11-month jail and caning sentence he received in court on Wednesday, after he was found guilty of molesting two different women on the same night.

The defendant, a managing director of a horse racing company, struck over two years ago on 8 Oct 2015. He assailed his first victim, a 46-year-old events consultant, at Mogambo Bar in Canton Street around 11pm when he stood behind her, put his hand up her skirt and touched her private parts.

The woman turned around and hit the Australian before informing the bar manager who contacted the police.

Burridge slipped away to another bar, The Mad Men Attic Bar, where he molested another woman, a 33-year-old physiotherapist, about one and a half hours after his first attack, at 12.37am.

Similar to his first attack, Burridge slipped his hands inside his second victim’s shorts and squeezed her buttocks.

His second victim also reported the matter to the police and Burridge was apprehended shortly thereafter.

Burridge could have been sentenced to a maximum of 2 years in jail, a fine, and/or caning for outrage of modesty.

Presently out on a S$40,000 bail, the dissatisfied defendant is seeking to appeal his sentence.


  1. Government deliberately closing one eye for him to run la. But given his high society position in SG , is quite dishonorable to just abscond to Australia like that.

    • Out of bail mean his passport is impounded lah! If he runs to Thailand, he will be arrested. If he runs back to Australia he will be extradited.

      Let him run! It’ll be more fun hunting his ass down!

  2. How would u feel if someone touch your Wife? The person is somebody sister or mum. Shame on you. If you don’t mind somebody touching, I am not!

    • Continuing….. Why did he molest the two women? And, doing it at short interval after molesting the first woman who is forty-six years old? He is a managing director and will surely have the money at his disposal to attract women for the ‘good time’ with consent. Now, he has been given an eleven months jail sentence plus three strokes of the rotan. Yes, I am angry that he has violated the two women in a very humiliating manner. The victims will surely have suffered the shock of their lives! The judge have given a fair and reasonable sentence. It could be worse!

    • He is probably a maniac and gets a greater kick or sexual stimulation by acting (molesting) on his innocent victims spontaneously and seeing their reactions. Anyway he could have been intoxcated too.

  3. He could be son of this racehorse trainer? Steven Burridge has been in the racing industry since 1970 when he started out as an apprentice jockey licensed by the Victoria Racing Club. He received his professional jockey licence in 1975. He rode on the MRA circuit with a visiting jockey permit in 1987 before riding in Macau from 1989 to 1994. He returned to the MRA circuit in 1994 to work as a track rider for several trainers. From 1999, he was Stable Supervisor to several trainers in Malaysia and Singapore before becoming a trainer in his own right in 2005. Burridge was quick off the mark, earning the distinct honour of being presented the Queen Elizabeth II Cup by Her Majesty herself in 2006 after KING AND KING won the Group 2 event, which he went on to win two more times, in 2008 (TRIGGER EXPRESS) and 2014 (WILD GEESE). Burridge was crowned Singapore champion trainer in 2010, the same year he also captured the time-honoured Singapore Gold Cup with RISKY BUSINESS. His next big win at Kranji was the Group 1 Patron’s Bowl with SPEED BABY. Burridge often crosses the Causeway to plunder cross-border events at his old hunting ground, and has achiveved a high strike rate, netting thus far two Penang Gold Cups and three Piala Emas Sultan Selangors in five years.

    • It doesn’t matter who he is..or who his father is. If he breaks the law…he got to be punished. If he molest a woman..let alone two women…he had to face the the punishment of our law. In material who what citizen he is or which country he is from. A molester is a molester…if he needs to be caned. ..then cane him hard…until he will not forget which country had designed his butt with beautiful lines…

  4. Aiyah! This horse trainers/owners always touch their horses private parts to see if they are winners. Most probably so drunk that he thought he was in the stables. Funny part is he choose the Mares only.

  5. Should’ve looked up the laws first eh mate? Lol do the crime, do the time… well in this case…. do the time lying down since your arse is split open lol… also… only the dumb ones get caught lol the ones you never hear of… well…. They’re smart enough to get away lol.

  6. If he is out bail, trust the authorities are withholding his passport lest he jumps bail and goes back to Australia. Being so rich, 40k is peanuts for him. It should have been a cool 1m instead.

  7. That Lady probably seeking some Tips for coming Race n this Guy show her the way he treats his Horses. Get the Horse drunk n press the Mare…now he got Nightmare!

  8. These Trash think that they made business in SG can do whatever they want. Frankly, Locals should not Kiss White trash ASSES… The more we do that, the more stuck up and superior they feel.

  9. If he appeal can be successful, there is something wrong with our justice system. It is so obvious he molested the two women. Every single evidences pointing to him. Is he trying to prove that he is innocent?

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