Caucasian man illegally skates on road, challenges taxi driver when confronted


A caucasian man was caught illegally skating on the road during morning peak hours today along Tiong Bahru Road. When confronted by a taxi driver, the man allegedly challenged the driver that it is legal for him to skate along the road.

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), skateboards are considered a personal mobility device and, as such, is not allowed for use on roads.

The taxi driver, Ghazali Sadip, shared photos of the skateboarder on Facebook and wrote:

“A caucasian man riding his motorised skateboard during morning peak hour traffic along the busy and narrow Tiong Bahru Road, causing traffic build up. Not to mention endangering not only his own life but other motorists. He got irritated when I honk at him, while I keep a safe distance at all times, and then challenged me. He claimed that it is legal for him to be on the road! What an idiot!”

According to the LTA, those found using non-compliant vehicles may be charged in court under the Road Traffic Act and be “fined up to $2,000 or jailed up to 3 months for the first offence. For subsequent offences, the offender may be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to 6 months upon conviction. The non-compliant vehicle could also be seized for investigations.”

The LTA urged pedestrians using personal mobility devices to use such vehicles with caution, in a statement released on its website earlier this month. The authority warned:

“LTA would like to urge all cyclists and PMD users to ride safely and observe safe riding behaviour at all times. LTA will not hesitate to take enforcement action against any rider found to be riding recklessly or in a manner that cause harm to pedestrians and other road users.”

A caucasian man riding his motorised skateboard during morning peak hour traffic along the busy and narrow Tiong Bahru…

Posted by Ghazali Sadip on Wednesday, 29 November 2017


  1. this is the problem we are faced, with the authorities being soft on caucasians especially, who wants to bring their way of life and impose it on our country. generally they are physically bigger so no one wants to take them on. the police on patrol when they see them on the road will ignore the offence, saying they are not traffic cops. it is time the police on patrol are told they have to enforce the law whether it is criminal or traffic related!

  2. Oh purleese why horn ?? Dun u knw these are highly precious species invited here to create jobs for u and me ! How audacious of u to even horn at him. U shud infact give way to him, and if possible, get down of ur taxi and bow. Remember…so many pmets alredy lost their jobs to them and shud be grateful to even drive a cab !!

  3. Btw dont bother so much of this mother fucker cos i think if he keep doing this,i cn forsee his grave is skating nearer to him….then all of us cn donate a middle finger tombstone for him….

  4. Ghazali, since you have d dash board camera with those pics n u know that angmoh is wrong, if I were you, I will ram him down then talk later. This bloody angmoh thinks Sporean own him a living. Chow Ang Moh.

  5. Chao angmoh if he think he is so good. He doesn’t need to come to Singapore to reside or work. He could make a good career in his own country then. Because he is angmoh he think he is big fk. Shame on him Chao angmoh. He bring shame to all the rest of angmohs.

  6. Step on it & roll it over & game over report that is was an accident case solve others will think twice. Sometimes people always want act that they are in right path until they are too late.

  7. Like all races, he is just part the small percentage of rotten spoilt ones. Be upset with him but not the race as there are good people in all races too. In some countries, they give him jungle justice in the spot – no police, no lawyers, no judges, no courts. Just instant punishment…

  8. Forward this to Traffic Police for further investigation and necessary action. He has to learn his lesson and hopefully he will be less arrogant and condescending.

  9. Yup….once i waz on ECP svc road (near McDonalds) i saw tis ang mo ridin on e xpressway…i slowed dwn n told him tt hes not supposed to ride a bicycle thr….he juz replied…’yeah yeah’….wht to do….many of em stil tink tt they r our masters….cant blame em….juz look at e preferential treatments our powers at be treat tis numbnuts.

  10. It is beholden that every foreigner in a host country respect the country, its people and abide by the laws. Even if you are a top tiered expatriate, you are still in my country and you are obligated to respect our rules. Don’t import your culture or your values. If you treasure your host country which wines and dines you on an expat package, be honourable and treat us well. By ignoring our laws,it just goes to show you are just a belligerent fool trapped in a country too good for you. Don’t think that we are subjugated to you. Honestly all of us singapoteans know if we see you in our country, it is not that we need you but you need us more.

  11. Funny thing with these angmohs is that they dare not challenge the bigger black guys in their own countries to fights. So are they cowardly bullies? you be the judge…

  12. LTA shall take action also MOM please look into it we want those ready work not like this Caucasian man came here still think freedom, if he can so freedom until do what he think is right so we also can follow ??? MOM don’t alway go after construction worker this type u ready have to look into it

  13. Veronica Toh, totally agree with you!!
    They can’t find a job in THEIR OWN country that’s why they have to come to SG to work.
    And once here, they think they are bigger abd better than us!!!

  14. Hmm i think this is the same guy that followed my father into the Clementi Bible Church taxi stand beside West Coast Plaza and also challenged my father to a fight, after my father shook his head at him on the road outside the church

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