Cathay Cineleisure helps advertise Pink Dot 2017


In what seems to be a first, Cathay Cineleisure has put up an advertisement for Pink Dot 2017.

“PinkDot2017 – supporting the freedom to love, Hong Lim Park” is the giant banner on the side of the elevator inside the cineleisure building.

It is believed this is the first time that a commercial building has allowed the advertisement of the annual gay event held at Hong Lim Park’s Speakers’ Corner.

Last year, the authorities decided to tighten the rules for the event and informed the organisers that foreigners will no longer be allowed to participate in the gathering this year.

2 weeks ago, after discussions with the police on security measures to ensure such a ruling is adhered to, the organisers of Pink Dot announced that barricades will be set up for this year’s event to be held on 1 July.

“Pink Dot is too significant and urgent to be confined to a barricaded park and for a day,” theatre director Ivan Heng said on his Facebook page, referencing the advertisement. “BRAVO CATHAY CINELEISURE!! Thank you for making a stand for equality and the freedom to love.”




  1. I’ve not been to any of the Cathay cineplexes since they raised the concession tickets for seniors. Looks like they’re chasing the pink dollar and don’t bother with the silver generation. 🙁

  2. Help advertise, or paid to advertise? They did it for free?
    Anyway Pink Dot is not illegal in Singapore, and Cathay is a local organisation, there is no reason why they can’t “help advertise”.

  3. The world has been deeply darkened by religious fundamentalists everywhere around the globe -from war to terrorism to persecuting the innocent people. Pindkot event is timely to bring about a different mood.

  4. I salute your company’s fairness & advocacy of an all-inclusive society…. Thanks Cathay …. I am sure the late Mr Loke Wan Tho would approve.

  5. I think LGBT as a cause and issue should not be synonmyous with Pink Dot. This is because in the interests of the public, the truth should be championed and not to be pretentious about acceptance and tolerance. I find that this commercial event Pink Dot do not really represent the LGBT accurately and will eventually result in disappointment to both LGBT and the public at large. LGBT is not about songs and dance and balloons and all things pink.

  6. Wow, well done. Heard there is a mosque in orchard and in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and yet they post a ad of the annual gay pride event in Singapore to show that people matter more. This will bring more young ppl to the event esp teenagers who will spread awareness to the community.

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