Car’s illegal left turn causes motorcyclist to suffer severe injuries


A car’s illegal left turn at a Singapore junction has caused a motorcyclist the car rammed into to suffer sever injuries, according to the victim’s wife.

The victim, believed to be Mr Usama Bamadhaj, is unable to stand, walk or lie down on a bed due to the accident, according to his wife Ms Lisa Malik.

Ms Malik took to Facebook yesterday to share a dashcam video capturing the accident.

Posted by Lisa Malik on Sunday, 29 October 2017

Clearly enraged, Ms Malik said:

“Whoever you are, i will make you pay back for whatever you did! Because of you, my husband cant stand, cant walk, cant even lie on the bed to sleep and you fuxking cause a major loss of income all because of you! Because of your fucking illegal left turn, I will make you pay for what you did.”

It is unclear where and exactly when the accident occurred.

SJQ8760D, you stupid piece of shit! Whoever you are, i will make you pay back for whatever you did! Because of you, my…

Posted by Lisa Malik on Sunday, 29 October 2017


  1. Surely u won’t let him go easily but the law will handle him n he may get a license suspend n fine. If he’s a Uber or Grab driver he can’t pay anything he where to get $? He will get jail terms!

    • Many people have to resort to driving PHV which is not their profession to make a living. And resulted in many accidents. Is a ripple effect people vote for their own grave and kill each other. U all need to thank the majority for it. Vote for your own grave.

    • 许多人不得不诉诸驾驶 PHV, 这不是他们的职业谋生。并导致了许多事故。是一种涟漪效应, 人们为自己的坟墓投票, 互相残杀。你们都要感谢多数人的支持。投票给你自己的坟墓

  2. As angry n upset as you are…Motor Insurance can only cover so much.And to sue for this..the legal fees alone requires at least $30k to $50k minimum..if it drags on.U need big money in the 1st place to get that “painful” compensation money.Then again.. it takes years too.

  3. It is a tragic case to happen, but it did .

    May God’s healing hand be upon your hubby and grant him full recovery to good health .

    And , may God’s grace be upon you to heals your pain and sorrow because of the tragic accident that happened.
    Be not bitter but I pray God to give you the strength

    May God give you strength and courage to overcome the very difficult time you are facing now .

  4. Stupid driver. There are too many of these Drivers on the road. The authorities should confiscate their car and he will continue to pay for his instalments if any and donate the proceeds of the sale to charity. Revoke their Licence and amputate his legs.

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