Home News Carousell seller, hoping to share some kindness, giving away surgical masks

Carousell seller, hoping to share some kindness, giving away surgical masks

Since Feb 1, the Govt has been giving out face masks, each family will receive a pack of four




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Singapore – A Carousell seller has earned the admiration of many after she posted that she was giving away surgical masks to those in need.

Last Thursday (Jan 30), a Carousell listing offering free surgical masks by user ilovesingaporesg was spotted and shared with media outlets.

“Giving away (1) one free mask to old folk, child, sick ppl and those who r unable to get from store. I am giving 1 each for free who is staying near me,” wrote the seller, who wished to be known as CNG and who lived in Anchorvale Road.

The seller added that, due to the high demand for 3-ply face masks, her stocks were running low. However, she still had some 2-ply face masks available which she will be giving out as well.

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“I share whatever I have at my own limit,” said CNG. She added that she could only provide a few pieces per household and had to reserve some for her child and parents.

CNG shared with The Independent Singapore that she decided to give away rather than sell the masks because of the numerous texts she had received.

“I received many texts from people. There was a family of seven with two elderly and three kids who were sick and had no masks,” she said. “There was also a pregnant woman who really needed a mask. They had been searching everywhere to no avail.”

“I’m glad they approached my post, and I was able to help them by supplying them with the masks.”

It could not be avoided that many wanted to get their hands on the face masks in bulk. “Some asked for 50 boxes,” she added. “Some texted me saying ‘Hi, I’m coughing, give me one box’.”

CNG also received offers from other sellers who wanted her to buy the masks from them so she could give them away. “One wanted to sell me 1500 pieces for S$750,” she recalled.

Upon receiving such offers, she informed the sellers that she was only giving away her current supply. She reminded them to sell the masks to those in need and at reasonable prices.

CNG understands the feeling of needing the face masks, especially for those with sick loved ones. The grateful reactions of those she’s helped made all her efforts worth it. “Please help to share kindness around. Many people are suffering,” she said.

Since then, from Feb 1, the Government has begun to give out face masks. Each family will get a pack of four. The distribution will be carried out progressively at residents’ committees (RCs) and community clubs (CCs). /TISG

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