Car travellers now required to scan thumbprints at Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints


Car travellers will now have to scan their thumbprints to clear immigration at Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints.

In a statement today (Sept 25), Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said that the BioScreen system, which captures the thumbprints of those arriving at and departing from Singapore’s checkpoints, will be progressively implemented at car counters at the two land checkpoints. This will allow travellers time to become familiar with the new process.

Car travellers aged six and above will have to undergo the thumbprint scanning.

“The driver and passengers will be required to step out of their car and scan both thumbprints when they seek immigration clearance at the car counters,” ICA explained.

The implementation of Bioscreen at car counters also raises the possibility of a longer immigration clearance time.

“Security at our checkpoints is ICA’s top priority. The BioScreen system is an important measure, as it enables ICA’s verification of travellers’ identities to be more robust,” ICA said.

Launched in April last year, the BioScreen system has been rolled out across various land checkpoints for train and bus travellers, as well as for lorries and goods vehicles.


  1. Unproductive..

    We all know the jam is so bad….. and do you think is faster when you scan your face or place your finger inside that device. .?

    Technology make faster and better for humans life. *BUT NOT using the system to abuse our looses for unproductive time lost..

    Is our System turn out to be dependants instead of creating more unproductive manoeuvre in our life?

  2. I can understand the safety measure. But having to scan the finger is going to cause a bigger headache to the travelers and the officers. I bet you the jam is going to be even longer. Whoever came up with this is not a very smart one.

  3. Next time they will want to know size of your underwear. I went through the airport 3times in August, I will say its screw up city, at least Malaysia they are not this crazy. Really….. tah otah…..I do not even experience this kind of garbage in the US. I wonder, is this the reason they need so many FTs…

  4. Lets wait and see if it will work for us or against us. Too early to make any comments Lets hope is not like the case in JB after implementing this thumprint chk sometime ago and dump the idea in less than a month. If is proven that it creates more headache and more trouble then I think they have not learn fron the JB experience and the person responsible to implement this ought to take responsibility and be answerable to the public.

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