Home News Car rear-ended by lorry almost ended in building basement

Car rear-ended by lorry almost ended in building basement




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The Facebook page dedicated to safe driving in Singapore, Beh Chia Lor, posted a video of a car which went over the kerb and unto the basement 10-feet below because it was rear-ended by a lorry. The incident happened on 26 Aug at about 1.15pm. The Page said that the video is from Eric Hiew, who is not the driver of the car.

The driver was turning into the Midview Building at Bukit Batok St 23, when he was hit by the lorry. The driver was attempting to turn into the left lane to turn into the carpark, when the accident happened. The hit almost caused the driver and his passengers their lives. The fall was broken only by a roadside barrier.

Some commenters suggested that the driver could have turned too fast from the right lane into the left, not leaving enough time for the lorry to slow down, which caused the accident.

But Beh Chia Lor shared a picture suggesting the driver of the car slowed down and signalled his intention to turn before he got hit.

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