Car rams into e-bike riding senior citizen, critically injuring him


A 62-year-old pedestrian who crossed the road yesterday while riding an electric bicycle has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition after he was struck by a car at the junction of New Upper Changi Road and Bedok North Avenue 3 around 7.50am, on Wednesday.

It’s unclear whether it was the car driver or the elderly pedestrian, Mr Wong, who had the right of way at the time of the accident.

An eyewitness recounted the aftermath of the forceful accident to reporters:

“He was lying face-down on the road and his head was bleeding. His electric bicycle was broken into 2 parts. The car’s windscreen was also cracked.”

Some passers-by helped to redirect traffic during the ensuing traffic congestion that followed the crash, as a man believed to be the driver of the black car was seen on the phone.

Paramedics conveyed Mr Wong – who was unconscious – to Changi General Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.


    • Godlike car owners had to undergo driving lessons n pass a stringent driving test before they r allowed on d roads. Do ebikers n pmd users undergo such vigorous training before they r allowed on d road??

    • Plus they are tax free & not mandatory to be insured, not even 3rd Party Policies are needed. Moronic LTA had let Hell break loose as many lawless continue to terrorize all terrains (Roads, Footpaths, Void decks, Parks)

  1. Recently if I am wrong, the authority says new rules on e-bikes will be out early 2018. By then there will be many accidents or death of e-bikers by then.

  2. The trouble is with those Morons at LTA, rolling our policies and allowing all Hell to break loose. Wrote to them and also to Ng Chee Meng on returning Footpaths to Foot Only use.

    Years ago, in fact more than a decade now, had asked LTA to regulate on use of bicycles, PABs, PMDs but they turned Lagi blind instead.

    As much as many cyclist will disagree on getting themselves qualified, at least to pass a highway code before being allowed to cycle in public (parks & PCN excluded), an understanding to proper road usage benefits everyone. It may save lives.

    Strictly speaking, Footpaths, within precincts & All sheltered passage way should be off limits to all bicycles, PABs & PMDs except licensed wheelchairs, motorized included)

    LTA is waiting for more fatalities and public pressure perhaps before admitting that they have failed and made some very grave mistakes for allowing a current state of affairs, including those rental bikes.

    All the Deep-Seated Zho Bo Lan Culture will only make matters worse…..

    • Footpaths not allow then more will be on the road!

      And how about those who walk on the bicycle track as thou it is their ah gong’s one. You ring the bicycle’s bells, they start scolding you with the F words. . .
      In which they never feel sorry about it

    • For decades we do not have issues with bicycles on the roads. Cyclists also do not feel so entitled & lawless. I also cycle on the roads right until present times. I am insured. If you wanna cycle, be at your own risk just like other road users. It’s utterly wrong to risk the lives of pedestrians on all FOOTPATHS.

      Footpaths for Foot only, Roads for Wheels only. It’s a very clear distinction right?

      And the so called Shared Paths? Only the Morons at LTA will Dare shamelessly brag about it as many only lead you to nowhere.

    • LTA doesn’t have the authority to implement the sharing of footpath. They take the cue from the ministers and they implement. Blame these fucking ministers for advocating the scheme.

  3. They are not only a hazard to motorists but a danger to pedestrians as well as they travel at high speeds on pedestrian walk ways. At such high speeds knocking down a pedestrian can lead to fatalities.

  4. Simple
    E bike riding on the road and most ignore traffic rule
    E bike riding on payment too fast is also wrong cause pedestrians has the right of way
    Best solution ban the use of e bike

    For e-bikers, please consider, is it worth to risk your life or others for your convenience?

    Few days back I saw a teen e biker riding fast on the main road

  5. Only in Singapore drivers speed up when there are pedestrian crossing or other users trying to cross road. Every where else on earth drivers slow done to give way.

    LTA should reexamine their driver’s training course….. more courtesy less, it is my right of way

  6. These PMD should be banned here. Many physically challenge and the aged always fear of being nudge or knock down by these ebikes to cause serious harm to them. It is our stupid ministers allowing this to be imported and shared pedestrian lane with them.

  7. On roads, there are cars, motorcycles, lorries, tipper trucks etc. On pavements, there are pedestrians, cyclists, escooters, motorised wheelchairs etc. Both are now equally dangerous but at least the roads with traffic regulations and lights offer legal reasons for persecution when things go wrong. Things are going haywire.

    • Authorities and garmen have little or no real first-hand experience over sustained periods of time and are making plain stupid policies and rules simply to reduce private cars population and encourage healthy living through cycling and walking. However, it appears that they failed to make any credible systems thinking with resulting muddled irrational policies and rules.

  8. Just minutes ago, I saw a guy riding ebike against traffic (close to kerb). Some people just don’t have sense of danger. I use PMD also, an electric skateboard, and I always make sure whenever I see people, I slow down to a speed where I can stop instantly when I want to. I’ve seen ebikers ride fast to overtake pedestrians and that is very dangerous because you don’t know when that person will turn suddenly. Another common hazard is not slowing down when turning, which is a practice all road users will know. Somehow when people are using these PMD, their common sense and sense of danger don’t function as well. It’s only when you go back to walking can you see the danger.

  9. Come out a law. Car knock down ebike on pedestrian crossing no penalties. It take one or two seconds for ebike from pathway to pedestrian crossing. What you expect the car driver to react.

  10. This is an old uncle on e bike. I have seen fat old aunty and young boys and girls on e bikes too.
    Is this a way to reduce our population or are we follow the jones in the world.

  11. For some reasons pmd users in the east especially disregard road rules. E bikers riding against the traffic flow and still berate car driver? Seen it. Kick scooters that take their own lane on the road? Check that as well. Bikes that just skirt past your blind spot just when you are about to turn left? Countless times liao

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