“Cantonment is in Jurong meh?” auntie-troll is too smart for police scammer

Facebook user Violet Lok Tai Charn shared a video of phone call between a police scammer and an auntie-troll. In the phone conversation in Chinese, the auntie can be heard asking the scammer where Cantonment police station is – to which the scammer replied that it is in Jurong.

The scammer than asked the auntie to identify who she is – to which the auntie asked how come the caller being the ‘police’ who placed the call does not know her name. The scammer than turned nasty and said the auntie has to identify herself, if not she would not know if she was talking to a human or dog. The auntie replied that she does not know if she was talking to a human or chicken – at which point the call ended.

OMG, those PRC scammer doesn't even bother to do their homework before scamming. Lol, Cantonment Police Stn located at Jurong East near Lot 1 😂

Posted by Violet Lok Tai Charn on Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The call came from a phone number resembling a local police station’s. The Police had earlier warned the public to be wary of such scammers and that there was no Cantonment Police Division within the Singapore Police Force.