Cabby Reports Fare-Evading Caucasian Riders


Cabby Lance Ng took to Facebook to report passengers who not only refused to pay the fare after he had driven them in his vehicle in the early morning hours of Sunday, February 4.

And he also refused to clean up his car after they had vomited in it. This occurred after he picked up two men from Raffles City and brought them to Lim Tek Kim Road.

In a post where he wrote that he was “feeling disappointed” and the first two words are, “Fare evader!!!!”, Ng tells his story, along with posting three videos and several photographs.

The videos and photos show two foreign-looking men walking away while being filmed. In the first video, Mr. Ng confronts the men, who refuse to pay, push him down, and then go on to ignore him as they walk on. Ng follows the two men, who pay him no attention. The men’s faces can be clearly seen in the photos. Ng also included a screenshot of his numerous 999 calls to SPD for assistance.

Mr. Ng wrote in his post that the passengers started to vomit while they were driving along Neil Road Junction. Although they had opened the car’s windows, some vomit had gotten inside the car. Mr. Ng offered to bring the passengers to a gasoline kiosk to clean up, however, they refused. Instead, the two tried to clean up with wet tissues that Mr. Ng provided, but the driver said his car had not gotten clean.

The two men then just got out of the cab and refused to pay the fare, which was under 10 dollars. It was then that Mr. Ng began to call the police.

He followed the men as they walked away, taking a video of them, but he hurt his ankle when it got twisted after he was pushed. This did not stop Mr. Ng from telling the story to two other taxi drivers in order to prevent the men from leaving the scene. The men kept walking on toward Cantonment Road. Meanwhile, Mr. Ng kept calling 999, but to no avail.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ng lost sight of the men as they went to Pinnacle, and so he returned to Lim Teck Kim. Mr. Ng wrote that he thinks that the men work in Singapore, as they are familiar with the area.

He wrote, “ Shame on you cheated my hard earn $$$.

I’m disappointed in our SPF no sense of urgency. If they have weapon on hand mostly I’m dead and not be writing over here.

Pure Singaporean got bullied in our homeland again! Omfg.”