Cabbie claims woman left without paying for taxi-ride

David Phang shared in his Facebook that a woman took a taxi from Clifford Centre to a condominium in Tanjong Rhu, but left without paying. The passenger refused to pay claiming that the driver took long route and that she wanted to lodge a complaint against him. In the video that was shared, the woman in question can be heard speaking in heavily accented English.

David said that the woman tried to run away after the dispute, and that when the cabbie asked the security guard at the condominium about her, he told her that the passenger does not live there.

David said that he also checked with the taxi-company and understand that no complaint was lodged. This he thinks confirms that the woman was just trying to hitch a free ride. He said that the Police will not take any action on the dispute unless they have suspicion that she is a serial fare cheater.

David said that he was sharing the pictures and video both to shame the passenger as well as to warn other cabbies about the passenger. David’s post has gone viral with over 4,000 shares.