Businessman Farid Khan may not be allowed to contest PE2017 after all


Businessman Farid Khan who announced his intentions to contest the reserved Presidential election this year may not be able to do so as he technically may not meet two requirements to be nominated into the race.

At a press conference held this week, 62-year-old Khan revealed that he is of Pakistani descent: “I am of Pakistani descent and my wife is of Arabic descent. Yet our family and relatives speak Malay and practise the Malay culture. So I am part of the Malay community.”

Although he was born in Geylang Serai and may consider himself Malay, the Presidential Election Committee may bar his nomination since the upcoming election is strictly reserved for Malays.

The only alternative that might allow Khan to contest in spite of this is if the Community Committee exercises its discretion to grant Khan a Community Certificate, certifying him as a Malay.

However, the new rule that private sector candidates have to helm a company with at least S$500 million in shareholder equity may pose a problem to Khan’s nomination as well.

Khan is the chairman of Bourbon Offshore Asia Pacific – a marine services firm with an equity of US$300 million, or S$415 million. Khan may only be able to qualify for the race if the Presidential Election Committee exercises its discretion to waive the S$500 million eligibility criteria for him.


Khan’s candidacy in the election that has been reserved for Malays has been trolled online, with netizens trolling that Muslims from other races should be able to contest if Khan is able to:


  1. They will try their v best to disqualify him. He build up the Asian part of the business valued at US$300 million but the parent company is valued at over US$ 1 billion. To put too much emphasis on these numbers to disqualify him is a crime against the interests of Singaporeans. He has proven his capability n integrity by his past success which r better than many of our current ministers.

    • Aiyah! they want their deposit and other booking expenses ( venue ,etc ) of course if they contest and don’t win???…U know what happen to deposit la!

  2. Why don’t they just place who they want there so that this can all end without wasting more of the taxpayers money. It’s trying to make it look fair to the blind while the whole world thinks it’s a bloody sham…

  3. this EP is racist. so are all equal before the law? if you say farid khan is not malay, does that mean when it comes to our CMIO grading, he falls under Other? or is Others reserved for Eurasians. are Peranakan Malay enough? or are they too chinese? are they chinese enough, or too malay? so makes them other?

  4. Racist presidential election can play with SG but no Malay candidates is the real deal till Orand Asli or other native is field. So better draw a dick on your vote slip when time comes if there is no walk over.

  5. This contorted idea by pinkie for a symbolically important minority presidential selection is opening up a can of worms not only in race but religion now besides who was really the first elected president in history. The obvious answer to most people is HE OTC but according to his story is HE WKW!

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