Bus commuter is left bleeding after pricking hand on sharp metal objects inserted into bus seat


A woman riding SBS bus 240 on Monday (30 Oct) has claimed that she experienced a sharp pain and began to bleed after she pricked her hand on four metal objects that appear to have been inserted into a bus seat.

The commuter, Deonne Tan, took to Facebook and shared that she was with her sister when the incident occurred. As she was alighting the bus, Tan placed her right hand on the seat beside her for support when she immediately experienced a sharp pain.

When she lifted her hand, Tan found that it was bleeding. Upon closer inspection, Tan discovered that the injury was caused by metal objects deeply embedded in the seat:

“Was on the bus (SBS6691S, Bus service 240) today with my sister and luckily she was wearing jeans. While alighting the bus, I placed my right hand on the seat beside me for support as I was carrying a lot of bags. Immediately, I felt a sharp pain and almost instantly, I saw that my hand was starting to bleed.
“I took a closer look at the seat and realised that someone had intentionally inserted 4 metal (needles?/staples?) into the seat, so deeply embedded that they could not be easily seen if not paying extra close attention, just like myself.
“Hope that no one else will encounter this. Be careful when taking public transport next time.”

Was on the bus (SBS6691S, Bus service 240) today with my sister and luckily she was wearing jeans. While alighting the…

Posted by Deonne Tan on Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Incidentally, a 60-year-old man who put toothpicks in bus seats with the pointed ends sticking out pleaded guilty to two charges of causing mischief in court earlier last month.

The man, Lim Lye Seng, admitted to committing the offenses on four occasions this year between July and August on SBS bus 123M and was caught after a passenger found the toothpicks in one such instance in July and posted the matter on Facebook. The police nabbed Lim in August after identifying him from CCTV footage.

The court heard that Lim took the toothpicks from a coffee shop near Tiong Bahru and planted them in the bus seats due to boredom and because he wanted to play a prank on others.

While no one incidents were recorded of passengers sitting on the toothpicks, the cost of the damage to the bus seats was over $1,300.

Elderly man admits to planting toothpicks in public bus seats several times as a prank; judge questions whether jail term is justified



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