Asia Bubble tea mooncakes now available in Singapore

Bubble tea mooncakes now available in Singapore

Capitalising on the craze, Singaporean mooncake brand Chang Ho Sek launched two bubble tea mooncakes, milk tea and matcha




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The Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Mooncake Festival) is just around the corner this coming September.

People are already indulging in seasonal treats for this occasion.

Mooncakes are usually enjoyed during this time of the year and it looks like this company is capitalising on the bubble tea craze sweeping the region.

Singaporean mooncake brand Chang Ho Sek recently launched its brand-new bubble tea mooncakes which comes in two flavours, milk tea and matcha.

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There is a chewy surprise as you bite into the mooncakes as there’s boba packed inside each and every one of the mooncakes.

According to their website, these snow skin bubble tea mooncakes are only available for pre-orders and are priced at;

  • SGD$60 for 2 pieces (tingkat or tiffin packaging)
  • SGD$90 for 4 pieces (tingkat)
  • SGD$81 for 4 pieces (box packaging)

Besides bubble tea, Chang Ho Sek also sells D24 and Mao Shan Wang durian-flavoured mooncakes filled with durian flesh.

It looks like these mooncakes are only available in Singapore at the moment but seeing how much Malaysians are obsessed with bubble tea lately, there might be some Malaysian brands following suit in the near future.

The bubble tea craze has spawned bubble tea beer, bubble tea pizza, bubble tea steamboat and bubble tea ice cream.

Almost any type of food has been created with bubble tea thanks to the demand of bubble tea.

The Taiwanese drink has evolved over the past few years to accommodate different tastebuds.

We wonder what’s next when it comes to bubble tea.

Will the craze die down or would it be crazier? -/TISG

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