Briton found job in Singapore after arriving here in tourist visa 2-months ago


A Briton writing in a Forum for Expatriates explained how he came to Singapore with the explicit intention of securing a job, and how he got one two months after arriving here on tourist visa. He said that his Employment Pass was approved recently and that he would be starting his new job on 12 June. The foreigner was enquiring at the Forum if he could go on a short trip out of Singapore for a holiday with his wife before starting work.

“Before I start, I would like to take a short trip out of Singapore for a holiday with my wife and I was wondering if its ok to do this with only the IPA Letter (Pass will be issued after the 12th). I’ve been on a tourist visa so far and I’ve been here about 2 months (haven’t left the country for those 2 months). Do you think I could have any problems re-entering after my holiday?”

The Briton’s account is similar to that of British travel, fashion and beauty video-blogger Georgia Caney, who explained in Youtube how easy it is for foreigners to land a job here. She said that it took her about 2 months to land a job after she arrived in Singapore.

(See the full video by the Briton here: WHAT’S IT LIKE TO LIVE IN SINGAPORE? | Q&A!)

She said that she know of people who arrived in Singapore to search for jobs, got one after searching for a short period of time.


She also said that foreigners who are thinking of moving here to work need not also have a degree – that the employers here look more at work experiences of such foreigners.

She said that some companies will say “Singaporeans only”, but others will sponsor such foreigners for an employment pass.

As previously reported, convicted child sex offender and Contact Singapore’s poster boy, 39-year-old Joshua Robinson, did not even have an undergraduate degree when he came to work in Singapore. According to Robinson’s profile in Blogger, he only had an associate’s degree in Computer Animation from the Illinois Institute of Art.

Child sex convict and Contact Singapore poster boy Joshua Robinson did not even have a Bachelor degree

Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say recently announced that he had taken 50 companies to task for failing to give Singaporeans fair consideration when hiring. Also, more than 500 Employment Pass applications from these employers have been rejected by his Ministry or had been withdrawn by the respective companies.

It was also revealed that at the end of February this year, there were 250 companies on his watchlist, up from 100 at the start. These are companies that were singled out or reported for discriminating against the hiring of Singaporeans in favor of foreigners.

Minister Lim cries in Parliament and says FTs don’t take jobs away from S’poreans



  1. What a bunch of racist losers! Blaming anything but yourselves for your failures…..
    There are millions upon millions of people from every country in the world working great high paying jobs in the USA and Europe!
    But we too have losers blaming foreigners for their failure…. SAD

  2. Recall the recent case about the new indian family whose baby’s feet were resting on the reserved seat. That he works in a japanese bank where there are several others of his ilk occupying senior positions. Now even in japan, japanese companies don’t freely employ foreigners as their laws are prohibitive. But here foreigners employ foreigners, ganging up to exclude locals. One reason I think of is foreign employers think the strong support locals give is a risk that locals may whistle blow. I had a whiff of this once.

  3. Mark Stevens
    It’s utterly sad that you are unable to secure gainful employment in your homeland and have to migrate overseas to be employed.

    Whatever, the reason it’s diplomatic to at least curb your toxic comments about the citizens in your host country!

    Of course you may as many of your like-minded AMDK have had, the 15 nanoseconds of infamy from Singaporeans!

    Good Luck AMDK!

  4. nothing wrong. if the hirer is supporting their own talent, what is stopping Singaporean from supporting our own talent. anyone who believe in true meritocracy is very naïve. the world is not going to stop this bias because our leaders think what is theoretical correct.

    stop blaming others and play the game. are you hiring Singaporean over others?

  5. So many foreigners find jobs with tourist pass. Not forgetting our neigbour the Malaysians can find jobs as easy as 123. Singapore is feeding wellness and wealth to many neighbouring foreigners until they had forgotten their own native citizens are suffocated. Oh wait… Many of the foreigners turned to PR’s and New Citizens. Oh wait… Many of the PR’s and New Citizens have big investment in their motherland countries using their pay here in Singapore.

  6. Let pay foreigner take PM Lee, or $1500/-, Singaporeans will save millions of dollars, likewise for ministers $10,000/-. When converting their current multi-millions dollars.

  7. He our leader is living in denial not knowing that lot of Singaporean are being turn away cos company prefer to hire FT so it can help Singaporean to be jobless cos that is what our leader want

  8. Today I went for interview security company.the boss said I’m not suitable to be security guard.he rejected me.but one of the worker in the office old chnese man.very old jalan pon susah hah….that man is suitable funny world

  9. It is an officially declared and sanctioned movement of lunch stealing here. The losers got no one to blame except themselves for being slow and unable to safeguard their own lunches! They got to go for cheaper or leftover lunches if and whatever they could find or otherwise go hungry lor.

  10. to tell you the ture Singapore never United as one national so many foreigners climbing up your head n government too the good old days Singaporean gone

  11. PM LHL you know what is Singaporean first? I beg you don’t know. Other countries looking after their own people first US Donald Trump declared American first, but our own government is foreigners first.

  12. Please wake up, giving job to foreigners does not create jobs forSingaporean but. the ruling party perventing the local from providing food for their family.

  13. Ya v true foreigners find job so easily. Just look at our 24 hours shops around us almost all their outlets are run n staffed by foreigners. Come on call g all these 7-11 owners why you do not employ locals? Running a small stall do not need a rocket scientist. Why are local left behind? I don’t cheap labour is the reason. Come let’s hear from you why. Likewise all other firms that staffed their offices with ft.

  14. roreigners who hv opened factories in singapore possible they also hire locals but those who come independently for getting employed serve themselves Singapore citizens dont benefit except govt mayb get more returns fm them “

  15. If only Singaporeans can have the same access to jobs in the UK. Unfortunately everyone knows that is not a reality. Otherwise we can all holiday there & then work there as a follow up.

  16. It is a good idea that these native English people come here to work. So that Singaporeans will improve their usage of the English language. Dumping away that ridiculous sounding Singlish, for good.

  17. Feed wellness n wealth to foreigners n forget your own NATIVE Singaporean… Vote wisely for the next election.. Hv change!!!! Or your lunch box get stolen!!!!

  18. Do not lie in broad daylight. when have Singaporeans complain ABOUT REAL FOREIGN TALENTS that singapore do not has? You has bring in so many foreigners and PRs and most if not all do not even think of becoming singaporean after working here for more than 10 years!

    However this is not the point. When economy is not doing well, you do not even bother to stop the new foreigners and PRs from coming in and at the same time also stop renewing the work permits for existing foreigners and PRS so that all singaporeans can be gainfully employed.

    BUt never mind if you do not want to do anything and continue collecting your millions.
    The least you can do is to give abit of unempolyment benefits for singaporeans to tide over before they found a job.

    Stop treating all singaporeans as Dafts like your FATHER.

  19. Actually singaporeans derserve it because they are coward and selfish lot.
    they do nothing when they are not affected and just make noises when they are screwed. Let life carry on.

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