Asia British couple in Singapore seeks help to pay baby’s £140,000 medical bill

British couple in Singapore seeks help to pay baby’s £140,000 medical bill

The couple needs to raise £140,000 to pay their hospital bill before they can return home to the UK.




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A pregnant British woman travelling in Singapore with her partner encountered much difficulty when she gave birth to a premature baby and needed to pay a substantial amount in hospital bills.

Unexpectedly, Chloe Wilkinson, 30, a former teaching assistant, felt severe contractions while 24 weeks (six months) pregnant as she travelled back from Australia with Patraic Walsh-Kavanagh, her partner.

After giving birth, Chloe’s new born son Lorcan weighed only 1.9lbs (0.86kg), and had to be monitored in the intensive care unit (ICU).

At the time the couple were due to board a connecting flight to the UK.

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However, because of Lorcan’s critical condition, their medical bill went up to £140,000 (S$249,000).

Their travel insurance did not cover these costs.

The couple have been stuck in Singapore for three months.

“We are on our own, a 14-hour flight away from our family and friends, and it has been a very difficult start to parenthood while Lorcan remains in hospital.”

Currently, the couple stay in a shared flat near the hospital. They have been sustaining themselves on savings earned during their time spent working in Australia earlier.

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