BREAKING: Tuas West Link extension isolated for up to one month as more details of train collision emerge


Further investigations conducted on a segment of the East-West line, following the train collision at Joo Koon station yesterday, have revealed that the software glitch that caused the two trains to collide arose because the faulty train was “transiting between the old and new signalling systems.”

This is according to Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s latest statement on the matter, late this evening, in which it said:

“Given this finding, LTA and SMRT have decided to isolate for up to one month the operations of the Tuas West Extension, which runs on the new signalling system, from the rest of the East-West Line, which runs on the old signalling system. This will enable our engineers to carry out further assurance checks together with Thales.”

In a separate statement, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said that he was “disturbed” that a “critical safety software could be disabled by a defective trackside device.”

Asserting that the link between the Tuas West Extension and the rest of the East-West Line should not be resumed until this issue has been fully addressed, the Minister added:

“I have told the team to keep separating the two sections of EWL, if need be until the entire EWL is ready to run on the new signalling system,” he said. “This way we avoid having trains transiting from one signalling system to another with its attendant safety risk.”

We re-publish LTA’s latest statement here in full:

“The whole-day suspension of the Tuas West Extension service on 16 November 2017 has been very useful for the Thales engineers to carry out detailed assurance checks on the new signalling system.

Based on these checks, Thales has confirmed that the old and new signalling systems are respectively safe for operation.

The disabling of the software protection feature that resulted in the 15 November 2017 train collision arose when the faulty train was transiting between the old and new signalling systems.

Given this finding, LTA and SMRT have decided to isolate for up to one month the operations of the Tuas West Extension, which runs on the new signalling system, from the rest of the East-West Line, which runs on the old signalling system. This will enable our engineers to carry out further assurance checks together with Thales.

As we need some time to prepare our commuters and our staff for this arrangement, the suspension of Tuas West Extension will continue till Sunday.

Train service on the Tuas West Extension between Gul Circle and Tuas Link will resume operations on Monday, 20 November 2017, using the new signalling system.

The rest of the East-West Line will continue to run on the old signalling system between Pasir Ris and Joo Koon.

From Monday, when the Tuas West Extension resumes service, bridging bus services will be available between Joo Koon and Gul Circle MRT stations (see Annex).

This morning, 33 buses were deployed on the bridging bus service between Joo Koon and Tuas Link MRT stations at headways of three to five minutes.

In addition, several bus trips were added to key trunk services in Tuas to better serve commuters in the area. Service was satisfactory.

We will continue to provide bridging bus services between Joo Koon and Tuas Link MRT stations until Sunday evening.

LTA and SMRT will continue to investigate the incident together with Thales.”


    • The software was probably standard and used elsewhere. It’s the programming to ensure proper transitioning was wrongly implemented. How come no thorough testing? Again QC problem, which means SOP and culture issues.

  1. So was the rush due to political pressure again???

    Then again why LTA is serving the political endeavours of PAP??? It looks like the rot is at the top rather at the bottom

  2. Why do the EW and NS lines need to accommodate this new CBTC signal system and not continue with the Westinghouse system if things were still running smoothly? The new lines can accommodate this new CBTC system if the intention is to have driverless AI trains but why can’t they leave the NS and EW lines alone? Just have regular maintenance and buy new trains.

  3. First it is signalling problem due to old and new don’t sync, now is software old and new.
    Sounds like old and new PAP. Different is people trust old PAP but not new.

  4. I am not from Singapore. Who are the trains bought from and is the seller of the trains made to run the trains and run the entire system? Signaling and track maintenance and all? Is that not how it should be?

  5. Guys , real reason and problems is very simple , all top guys are not doing their job n thileir duty , if they have follow the S. O P they will be order but if the top snake the below see what do what , so Please all top personals hand in your letter and save Singapore and we will thank you and said YES you top guys set by example and good job ….

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  7. Does not matter the reasons for the trains colliding. It should not have happened. The man responsible for this mishap, namely KBW, should be held to account. Hello LHL, get rid of this guy.

  8. What bullshit! Alpha test then beta test…. trial run, another trial run. Finally operational. LTA n SMRT are totally biased and trying cover up their shortcoming – MOT n CEO of SMRT are absolutely not providing the leadership – if both of you are incompetent then you ‘absolutely unlucky’. PM has not spoken and acted after so many incidents…wonder what is ‘avoiding’?

  9. Today, I ponder over the current situation of our world-class transportation, the efficiency of our world-class MRT sicknesses!
    30 years overloaded with increase of population which also increases profits!
    Now, the rail tracks are corroded, train doors malfunction, software is short-circuit, what’s next ?☔⚡Weather forecast the coming week will have NE monsoon rains, the tunnels will be flooded soon!
    King Solomon who prayed for wisdom from God proclaimed in Proverb 17:7
    Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool, how much worse are lying lips to a ruler !
    The 30 years old NS & EW lines need enbloc, so are those HDB flats that reaches 30 years old to be enbloc !!!

  10. One using metric the other using imperial.

    Mm and ft cannot mix.

    So signal of mm does not match the signal of feet and inches.

    Who confront the signal with old and new?

    Why was it so?

    How many lifes will put at risk?

    Such system is getting from the whole chain of commands.

    Trump may I borrow your slogan.

    *Who do YOU think should be FIRE*?

  11. Why didn’t the driver of the second train apply the brake when it first stopped 10 meters behind the first train? Is the software glitch thing just a cover up????

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