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Controversial Indian preacher not on Interpol red notice says Malaysia

The Malaysian Home Affairs Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says in reply to questions on the extradition request for the preacher by the Indian government. Malaysia faced internal and external pressure to deport the controversial figure who has been roaming the country freely, preaching and holding debates...

With shrinking armed forces, Singapore resorts to automation

The US News & World Report said growing threat of terrorism is putting a strain on Singapore's small and shrinking army, pushing it toward greater reliance on automation and technology. Among those are unmanned patrol systems to protect the island state, its defense minister Ng Eng...

Thousands gather in Berlin to hear Obama speak


TERROR IN THE SKY: Did MH 17 do the right thing?

One unnerving question that is being asked about the MH 17 flight shot down over eastern Ukraine is whether it was flying in a restricted zone . The Guardian reported that it was flying 300m above restricted airspace when it was shot down. Quoting the...