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Video: Singapore restaurant flew 28 employees to Mecca free of charge

A restaurant in Singapore has taken its entire team to Umrah in Ramadan. The company paid for the visas, tickets and hotel accommodation for 28 employees. https://www.facebook.com/ilmfeed/videos/1920624431539610/  

Malaysia ‘Food Police’ called ‘Daesh’ on social media

Daesh is the name given to the so-called ISIS, which means diverted from Islam, and this is the name-calling for the group of officers who arrested three Muslim contract workers who were caught eating during the day in the fasting month. Malaysia observes strict rules...

Did the Star picture Muslims in prayer as terrorists?

The biggest selling newspaper in Malaysia, The Star is in trouble with the law for portraying Muslims in prayer as terrorists. At least this is what the cover of the newspaper's Saturday edition is telling, according to netizens who blew their temper over the front page...