Brazen helicopter escape from French prison hollywood style

Picture Credit: Video grab of Faid

A convict escaped from a French prison again, this time, with a hijacked helicopter.

This is not the first time Redoine Faid, said to be a seasoned criminal, makes such a brazen escape from the prison.

The first time Redoine Faid escaped from prison five years ago, he blasted his way out with explosives.

The story is that Faid was snatched from jail when two armed men were dropped in the prison yard and made their way into the prison compound.
They attacked the guards with smoke bombs and used power tools to cut down iron bars and doors to reach the prisoner.
They also armed the prisoner before escorting him out of jail. At the moment of the attack on the prison, Faid is said to have been in a cell with his brother.
The police recovered the helicopter which was hijacked from an instructor. The instructor was used as the pilot and was a hostage to the attackers.
The police also recovered a car which they said was used as a getaway car after the helicopter escape. The prisoner was sent to a location where the car picked them up and made the run to a petrol station.
But the escape artists abandoned the car at the station before their get-away with another vehicle.
They are now lost in bright daylight as the stunned police in France is building up its search for the prisoner and his band of brothers.
After his first escape, Faid was caught, locked up and given more time behind bars.
But on Sunday, he managed to escape again hitching a ride on the hijacked helicopter.
Faid, one of France’s most notorious criminals, was serving 25 years in prison for his role in a failed 2010 robbery that resulted in the death of French police officer Aurélie Fouquet.
He was also given 10 years for his brazen 2013 prison escape, the Paris prosecutor’s office said, the CNN reported.