Brawl erupts at People’s Park Food Centre after man allegedly hits on married woman


The police are investigating a brawl that broke out at People’s Park Food Centre over the weekend. The fight, which involved several men, occurred on Sunday (6 May) around 9pm and erupted after a man allegedly hit on a married woman.

The dispute reportedly began when a trio consisting of two men and a woman walked past a larger group of men who were having drinks at a table. One of the men in the bigger group allegedly caught a hold of the woman’s hand and invited her to join him for a drink.

The woman’s husband, one of the men in the trio, confronted the other man only for the men in the larger group to start hitting him, prompting a fully fledged brawl to erupt:

Brawl breaks out at People's Park Food Centre after man allegedly hits on married woman

Brawl breaks out at People's Park Food Centre after man allegedly hits on married woman

Posted by Stomp on Monday, 7 May 2018


Both groups were reportedly not acquainted with one another prior to the incident. The trio suffered superficial injuries but were not taken to the hospital. Police investigations are ongoing.

This latest brawl occurred mere days after several men became embroiled in a riot at Bendemeer Food Centre on Labour day evening. The riot, that occurred last Tuesday around 9pm, saw bottles breaking and chairs flying as the men involved pummeled each other viciously while shouting:

Bottles break and chairs fly as men pummel each other in Bendemeer Food Centre riot


  1. Nowadays most are china sellers and china customers. Likely that group is from china
    Punished the big group and not the trio (2 man + 1 woman).

    This group behave like generals and can pull any woman they like and do whatever they enjoy

    I will skip People’s Park Food Centre, a place where I used to eat during the 70s is unsafe and is local place controlled by foreigners

    This is a warning to our government, bring in too big one foreign population will cause trouble and a bigger trouble in the near future

    Also do the police patrol that place after the start of curfew time on drinking? If patrol there, better send more than 10 policemen and one police dog

  2. Singaporeans have nothing to do ! They don’t want to volunteer to help in NGO. Prefer to sit at kopi tiam and hawker centre to makan and drink. And then fight others, when their brains disengage.

  3. Liquor must be the cause. Ban drinking of liquor in all public places like hawkers centres. Eating houses and coffee shops with outdoor refreshment areas should not be permitted to sell liquid too.

  4. I went People’s park recently .. oh my the crowd at the food court .. so noisy like bees zZZ around your ears .. I wonder how people gets to eat peacefully .. it wasn’t like that before 2010

  5. Things changed so much ever since we are so relaxed with imports of FTs. Look at our PMETs…..

  6. I wonder if the wives of bigger group are dragged to have drinks with strangers, what will they do.
    In fact the woman can sue the group for molest.

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