Brave female student at SIM helps catch ‘toilet pervert’ red handed

Photo: Facebook / SBS Sure Boh Singapore

A 21-year-old man was arrested after a woman noticed him filming while she was using the bathroom at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) campus on Saturday morning.

SIM student Lee Liyin said that she noticed a phone being held over the top edge of the cubicle she was in.

In a Facebook post that she shared in order to warn other female students, she said that after she realised someone was trying to film her, she “immediately left the cubicle and pretended that [she] had left the toilet while [she] was actually waiting for him outside with [her] friend that [she] texted to come over immediately.”

Liyin also said that when she and her friend questioned the man as to why he was in the female toilet, “he said he had a stomach ache and went into the wrong toilet ACCIDENTALLY”.

The man also admitted to his class being on the second floor, even though the toilet they were in was on the fourth floor.

“So how did he accidentally go into the female toilet at level 4 while having a stomach ache with his class being at level 2?” Liyin questioned.

Liyin and her friend then called the police, who upon further investigation said that this was not the man’s first offence.

Police investigations are still on-going.

Liyin’s warning message was also shared on Facebook group ‘SBS – Sure Boh Singapore’, where many other netizens chided the man.

Earlier today, Liyin also took down her original post.

She said, “Thanks for all the comments supporting my actions of catching the creep! Glad to see many people warning their friends about this situation. To those that support such people… I don’t have much to say because the world can see what kind of mentality you have. also, I have taken down the post as the police have advised doing so! always stay vigilant guys!”