Featured News Boy dangerously does pushups hanging off a HDB ledge

Boy dangerously does pushups hanging off a HDB ledge




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Netizen Muhammad Azman Samsudin posted a video of a young boy doing pushups on the ledge of a very high building. How far the boy is from the ground is truly terrifying, and netizens’ horrified reactions are perfectly understandable.


The video clip is shot at night, and the boy’s face is intentionally blurred, so his face cannot be seen clearly. But his death-defying stunt is clear to all.

The 14 second video shows the boy climbing over the side of a railing and doing four push-ups on it while dangling several stories high above the ground, with many tall buildings in the background.

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He is seen smiling nonchalantly, and it is obvious that this is not the first time he is doing such a dangerous stunt.

Mr. Samsudin posted the video with the caption with an appeal for the friends and family of the boy to set him straight.

“To those that know the boy, please educate him on the importance of his well-being and other’s too. Be careful what you wished for, when the time comes, it comes.”

It’s easy to see that if the boy slipped only a little bit, there could be fatal results.

The post has been shared more than 2200 times although it hasn’t even been up for a day.

Netizens who have shared the post have condemned the boy for his foolhardy and dangerous actions

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