Bottles break and chairs fly as men pummel each other in Bendemeer Food Centre riot


Several men became embroiled in a riot at Bendemeer Food Centre on Labour day evening. The riot, that occurred on Tuesday around 9pm, saw bottles breaking and chairs flying as the men involved pummeled each other viciously while shouting.

A video captured by an eyewitness mid-fight shows one man who appears to be either injured or exhausted lying on the ground, his head resting on the grilles of a drain.

The eyewitness’ friend who shared the video, Mr Darren, said that the men were allegedly drinking before a scuffle broke out and turned ugly. He added: “My friend said that the fight was between one group of older men and another group of younger men.”

While it remains unclear what the fight was really about, the police have confirmed that they were alerted to a case of rioting at 27 Bendemeer Road that day at 8.55pm.

Men throw punches and chairs at one another in riot at Bendemeer Food Centre

Men throw punches and chairs at one another in riot at Bendemeer Food Centre

Posted by Stomp on Tuesday, 1 May 2018


    • This can not, that can not, so many rules. Just an island state but so many now living on it ie citizens, foreigners, PRs etc.Want some relaxation, pay through the sky, work long hours with meagre pay etc. Anyway due to the social divide, the upper middle class, the rich etc will not feel any changes as they are living on private property, drive cars etc so basically their daily lives have not changed or affected much compared to working and other classes of Singaporeans so that’s why U can see differences in opinions. Of course, our Ministers are living with high salaries, private properties etc and the one and only majority party, so why have all the headaches when U have all the power to set any rules U want and also enjoy the high life? Lol

  1. The only way to curb or contain thuggish behaviour is through the Long arm of the Law and yet many in the know failed to subdue their own frayed tempers . Another judgement ground for those guilty of it again and it appeared that the punishment meted out is not harsh or severe enough to keep them in check and if the prevalence of incident to go byb

  2. It seems that we are seeing more of these shit after they implemented the alcohol ban or sales restrictions. Of course, gahmen “sadistic” will show how effective the ban is. The next thing they may ban are hawker centres, or put in place some sort of levy for staying too long. Then they make more $$ and have an effective anti-riot policy in place.