Bocky is out, Halimah into finals


By Mary Lee

I’ve just signed an online petition to the Prime Minister that needed 5,000 signatures, asking that the Presidential election next month be open to all races and not be limited to Malay candidates.

Lee Hsien Loong will very likely ignore this petition, and if no one is going to stand against Halimah Yacob,  I’m not going to protest. She’s a good enough President as far as known public figures go.

Poor old Bocky (Tan Cheng Bock) who’s hoping that Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon (a devout and brilliant Catholic) will rule in his favour when he releases his judgment on Mr Tan’s appeal.

I don’t think anyone is fooled by the Government’s decision to count Wee Kim Wee as the first elected President because he was “elected” by a PAP parliament as anything but rigging. Ong Teng Cheong was th first elected President but was not accorded a state funeral on his passing in 2002. Why not? Now that’s more interesting than the so-called constitutional ruling against Bocky’s desire to act as a check against the PAP Government.

In any case. Bocky doesn’t have enough time to run as a candidate, even if he could. Looking forward to President Halimah, PM Lee has already said she would bring “warmth and dignity”. Certainly more warmth than current President Tony Tan. More importantly, she would raise the status of Malay women in the region. And be the forerunner of other women to run as future heads of state.


  1. I really believe that as a president, one has to be non-partisan. I really believe that Halimah will be non-partisan, as much as she believes she is a Malay.

  2. How come nowadays children of the older generation betray their parents after they passed away?what kind of values has the govt instill to the young singaporean? Is that a role model we as authentic singaporean has to follow?

  3. I wonder whether God is deaf when our national pledge is so popular that the whole world has heard but not being put into real practice???
    The new citizens are neither blind nor deaf, will we, the citizens of Singapore accept such power to be?
    Let nothing frighten us!
    Let nothing disturb us!
    All things are passing away :-
    Nothing is stronger than the typhoons and earthquakes sent from our Heavenly Father !
    We will not be disheartened by the darkness surrounding us, nor fooled by the things we see around us!!!
    We will wait in Hope by GE2019 !

    • @Kenneth Ho
      Agree with you that the power to be will decide the date to their advantage but what man propose, God will dispose in justice!
      Let us wait in hope as our younger generations are brave and strong to make changes in the parliament house!
      By God’s grace, we will have more by-elections coming up very soon!!!

    • @James Lam
      Do you know that God is a silent listener to all the words of our national pledge!
      Do you know God has the sovereign power over our life expire date???
      Do you know the silent listener also cause Heng Swee Keat to collapse all of a sudden???
      I live in fear of God’s sovereign power and authority but not men!
      Honestly speaking, I am very careful with my words as blessing and cursing comes from the power of our tongues!!!
      The battles belong to God, all we need to do is to open our eyes widely, listen attentively and pray for wisdom and peace!

  4. So I was wondering Mdm. Halimah is a Malay or Indian? How about a Chinese Muslim to come for this President election, is it possible? Hm…. I wonder?

  5. Just learn to do painting to reduce stress and anxiety cause by the white monkeys!
    My teacher taught me to have a base color and the best is white color because it can be easily transformed into any colours, just like our Chinese legend monkey Son Wu Gong has the power to transform 72 times!!!
    We are expecting thunder storm and lightnings on election day!!!
    White monkeys are no longer pure white as they are tainted by the whip!
    All the laws and policies are man-made by sinners, so what can we expect from the sinners who wear white and claimed to be the holy Saints???
    Now, the whole world knew that there is a circus whip in our parliament house when I knew in 2011 when Sylvia Lim shared before the election and now I understand why Dr Lee Wei Ling mention about a monarchy system because there is a party whip and all the citizens of Singapore are treated as little children!!!

  6. I never ever would have believed that this country would grovel in its vomit by race-led elections. Whatever has become of our pledge? Why retain the essence of what is said at pledges in the young and old, “regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society, based on religion and equality..”

    I personally feel the pledge means nothing anymore for every Singaporean. I feel it has been compromised by the very essence of what makes us Singaporean – race. Please someone rescue us from capitulating where our moral fibre is rapidly diminishing.

  7. It shud change to, we the people of singpariah, pledge to demolish the chinese to china, malay to filipins & indian to India mari to maintain the social disorder, selfishness, betrayer to our forefather who sweat & bleed. To achieve a self promo monarchy of singapore with nothing but a empty shell facade.

  8. Clown prince and gang … afraid to lose , need to beef up the malay lobby with selective P- election , dilute the local true blue Singaporean of all races and walk of life with “open leg policy ” , banking in on FT-NCs lobby in integration with RC and PA …..What a perfect strategy to be had
    ……? daft 70% Singaporean of all races , wake up from your slumber , clown prince and gang is not working for the interest of true blue Singaporean and Singapore ! This pack of wofy in sheep skin are purely working for themselves and their own elitists and wealthy Kakis using us true blue Singaporean and Singapore as a mean to their end !!!

  9. For goodness sake, please do not equate her with Daenerys Stormborn from the House Targaryen by using that posture and the Game of Thrones ideas. She can win the election but she still doesn’t have Drogon, Rhaegal or Viserion to back her up

  10. By using affirmative action to put in place a malay president, the incumbents are practising racism against the other ethnic groups. Whether a person from any other race who qualifies to be the president based on merit is moot given that the primary criterion is race. The very thing that the incumbents say they hold holy is destroyed by affirmative action. The irony.

  11. Our government now doesn’t care about its peoples, I am the boss and rule the country, so everyone must followed and do what you are been told. If LHL said Madam Halimah is the President, no body can against it, remember CCS already addressed her as President twice, do you think that CCS called for fun.

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