Blogger tells Anwar: We do not want you to side with opposition yet

Picture Credit: BFM

In a sounding remark, a blogger known for his inside stories that went viral during Najib Razak’s tenure urged Anwar Ibrahim to take some actions on rumours regarding Pakatan Haparan MP’s and Ministers.

In a post in which he discussed a remark made by Anwar Ibrahim that he will stand with opposition if govt members commit corruption, said: “We dont want you to start working with the Opposition – yet.”

He thus invited Anwar to investigate or take a stand on rumours that a bunch of PKR and DAP Members of Parliament and Ministers have recently bought brand new cars. Mostly Volvos, they say.

“Well, they are now earning over RM20,000 per month as MPs and/or as Ministers.

That should be enough to buy themselves a new Volvo or a new Mercedes, Audi, Honda etc etc,” he wrote.

In a news report last week, Anwar said he would give no quarter for inefficiency and corruption. Anwar said this was a reminder to all ministers and those running the govt.

Since then, the comments by Anwar sparked rumours he is working with the Umno and PAS or he is going to join the opposition if PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did not quit his post in two years.

“If there are leakages or graft, I will stand with opposition against govt,” Anwar is quoted as saying.

On the MP’s buying Volvo cars, Syed said: “But the folks who told me this said someone should check how they paid for these new cars.

“The talk is some have paid cash in full or paid a large part in cash and a small part as a car loan. There is more.

“Can Brader Anwar Ibrahim pay some serious attention to this talk? Dismiss, deny or take some action. My task is to tell you what I heard,” he wrote.