Blogger: LKY wills did not specify demolition of house


An unnamed blogger in a post published on ABS-CBN wrote the problem in the Lee family’s public battle over Lee Kuan Yew’s (LKY) inheritance was that two of the Singapore’s forefather’s “wills did not specify the demolition of his house.”

However, the blog post said: It seems he (LKY) felt sorry for his neighbors who, during his long political career, could never build up their properties for security reasons.

Demolishing his house would give the neighbors a big financial benefit by being able to develop their properties at last.

“That’s the mark of a considerate man. But there would be a financial benefit, too, for the children: one estimate pegs the value of the property at 24 million Singapore dollars. Making possible such a windfall is the mark of a pragmatic man.”

The blogger said the modest bungalow near Orchard Road which Lee acquired in 1945, became not only his family home, but the nerve center for the leadership of the party that has ruled Singapore since independence.

In contrast to nearly all of Southeast Asia’s founding fathers, Lee Kwan Yew was uninterested in memorializing himself.

The only monument to himself he allowed during his lifetime was an institution –the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. He seems to have genuinely opposed the idea of his home turning into some sort of national shrine after his death.

Typical of the man was how this aversion to posthumous memorials was matched by both consideration and pragmatism, said the blog post.

Third world drama

The blogger likened the explosive Lee saga to a Third World-style drama.

The post summed the situation as follows:
So far, you might think it was all a case of an old father trying to be nice to his spinster daughter, who was then maneuvered out of her extra share by her brothers.

But then, spinster daughter and younger son united against elder brother, alleging, again, Third World behavior: dynasty-building, power-tripping, persecution and promoting personal, versus collective, interest.

But the political angle wasn’t helped when Lee Hongyi –remember him? The grandson of LKY and son of Lee Hsien Long?– said he’s not interested in politics.

So the Singaporean rumor mill obsessed over another twist to the tale: could it all be a battle between the powerful wives? By which point the Prime Minister had issued a public apology to the Singaporean people, said he would take questions in parliament, and hinted he might sue for defamation in the style of his father.

In the end, this whole drama still remains to play out. But what it has done is clearly prove that the era of LKY is over, it said.

“But now, the Lees have proven they’re human, too, and where once there was only awe, for some, there is doubt,” it concluded.


  1. This family property dispute over 38 Oxley Road is NOT for the government to adjudicate. It is FOR the courts to hear the facts, confirm the authenticity of the documents including the will of LKY. Under no circumstance must PM LHL spend a single cent of taxpayers and the citizens money for his personal dispute with his siblings. Dr Chee Soon Juan was sacked for using a minuscule amount of money ‘inappropriately’. This is a crystal clear case of Criminal Abuse of Taxpayers’ money in using government resources and four Ministers, namely, Teo Chee Hean, Grace Fu, Shanmugam and Lawrence Wong for this illegal and corrupt action. PM LHL, you are condemned! A criminal already when you illegally bought the property at heavily discounted prices but was acquitted by the PAP courts and now the blatant and open criminality of your so called Ministerial Committee which has NOTHING to do with governing Singapore. Persist with this wrongdoing and YOU will be hounded and condemned. More than that cursed by some. And, a TRIAL for misuse of taxpayers’ money cannot be ruled out at a later date.

    • Yes, much untold money has had already been spent. Time is money. Both directly by LSL and indirectly by ministers. Plus their support staff. From phone calls and meetings to research to committees, ministerial and (coming) parliament. With each minister drawing million $ salary. (LSY is in HK, visiting friends.)

  2. So now they are trying to push a false narrative that LHY is greedy and want to sell the estate some time later when LWL vacates it ? That is a terrible and unjust insinuation. If LHL and HC had doubts over the last will, why didn’t they contest it when LKY was still alive in 2013?

    • If LHY and LWL wants to make money from the sale of the estate they are entitled to that. It is none of the government concern. Samantha I am in agreement with your understand.

  3. How come other Late Ministers who really Serve Singapore To What Singapore Today do not have this issue? I am thinking n thinking n thinking……..

  4. Well, it have come this time my foresight of what going to happen to the island of Singapore is pretty true in deeds and I’ve kept on saying that for the last few years under a different identity and it also the FACT and REALITY that Singaporean think i’m a trouble-maker….

    BUT I’m NOT I’m just saying that when a Party like the PAP who have rules for so many years and let me tell you all die-heart Singaporean of your principle of your damn LIFE….”They (PAP) are the only one that can manage our country….WELL…”WRONG” the longer a person into ruling the country they become very easily “Legal Corrupted & Corruption will SEAT in when one rule the country long enoght” to lace a person/leaders into “Taking advantage of the TRUST” GREED…they (PAP) draft out POLICIES that says , “We Reserve the RIGHT to ROB you LEGALLY with their Housing Policies & Minimum Sums of Money in CPF” you IDIOTS Singaporean never LEARNED the word well enough and NOT just the Damn Older Generation of Singaporean who got their “Pioneer Card” Stupidly never learnt but even the “Educated and Well Travelled” one who just busy with what they wanted and you guys ALL are SELFISH Bunch of Singaporean.

    and they (Foreign Telent & New Citizen) are just draining out the damn moneies & Reserve out of our Fore-Father SWEAT and without even going to WAR and a “BULLET” fired from the Rifles in just seconds we are back to 3rd WORLD and “Thank you Singaporean both Old & Younger generation.

    PURE…STUPIDITY……Now Lee Hsien Yang understand how we felt being CONTROLLER by the PAP like…..

  5. What have those living next door to 38 Oxley Rd done to deserve this. Unable to realize the value of their assets by virtue of an accident – living near the illustrious family. Shouldn’t the interests of these people be taken into account too.

  6. Dear Loong,Yang and Ling…When a great man gives his life to his country..Everything he possess becomes a legacy for the country..Every country are proud of their history..Your father’s house has become part of history..the past and the present of Singapore was created will be a pilgrimage for all future the small wooden house of Ho Chi Minh..which is a legacy for Vietnam…

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